Would you read this story? (more details inside the topic)

You know how about every, Single. Episode story revolves around look and the MC (weather it’s female, male or in any age) is always being call beautiful or hot etc?

Well, I’m kinda tired of it… Can’t people writes stories with ugly MC? If she/ he has a troubled past and imaginary scars on her/ his skin doesn’t make it anything like that, they’re still beautiful and perfect and on the other side there’s me while reading those stories most likely eating ice cream in my ugly ass pajamas slightly over weight and half my skin is covered with actual really ugly scars and it makes me feel fucking horrible about myself (even though I’m well aware those characters aren’t real people it still pisses me off to read about it).

Why can’t stories be all about personality and and not about look?
Because it would be a crime to have an MC who’s really ugly and maybe still gets to live a happy life without looking like a model and have people love her for herself?


So, even though Episode characters can’t be truly imperfect, I’m, trying to make a a story like that.


This is the MC:

I want to intentionally make her look ugly and with no fashion sense.
There will be no CC, that’s how she’ll look.

I know a character’s skin color can bother some people, but she’s supposed to look super pale, because, believe it or not, people get really judged because they look “too pale” (I have a really really light skin and people just randomly mock me and make jokes about me being sick but this is just my natural skin color, it gets burned easily at the sun)

The story won’t be focusing on anything real or on a real life base, I just wanna write a story where the main character is the focus and she is not perfect, I’ll get in art scenes where she will have some “extra weight” and stretch marks, scars and whatever else, but the character is supposed to have a lot of flaws unlike most characters in Episode stories.

I want to make a story where a character is being loved for her personality and not just her body and looks.


Also, there’s that thing in multiple Episode stories around the community, when the more important MC is being hated and ignored and people just love the “hot” and “bad” male character and even like when the MC (when it’s a female MC) to get hurt and I don’t get how those people can’t see how sick it is and how terrible and a major stereotype about how women are always weaker than men :woman_facepalming: so I don’t wanna do that either…

I never published an actual story, but I’ve been learning directing close to a year by now and I wrote 12 (yes, 12) that I never published.

Anyway, my directing is pretty amazing and perfect, and I can make really cool characters overlays, so first story, lousy directing and plot (I’ve been working on story and character development too), not a problem… Honestly it’s time I’ll write something I’ll actually publish :expressionless:

Well, sorry I wrote waaay too much and probably just depressed some people with this, but–

Do you support this idea, would you read a story like this, and please, if you have any, tell me your opinion(s), negative opinions and saying you wouldn’t read this story is okay, but please tell me why, and maybe what would be better instead of just saying “no” if you decide to say so.

(and… Probably nobody will comment to this or even read this thing, but if you do read it, please tell me your honest opinions)


I think I’d read this story. This is a super idea!

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Thx! It seems that most people just care about the look of the character they play as (cough cough CC obsession with 80% of the readers)

Yes I think it’s important to write some “real life” stories where the mc is a “normal” person (meaning he/she is not perfect, have scars, physically and mentally). The looks don’t make a person, but their way of thinking does.

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I know, seeing all of those “perfect” characters in stories, it seems like barely anyone thinks like they should be loved for their personality, they always have some guy (or a girl but usually it’s some “hot” guy urgh) telling them they’re beautiful and I hate it, they literally only talk about their looks.

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I would definitely read it…
A story that have a parallelism or symbolize the real life of a person…
In which the character is NOT perfect not even close to it…
But no one can say that their life is perfect and nothing ever happens to them that is wrong…
Even I have stretch marks on my waist and I’m not so much of an Indian looking girl here…
I have a white (or a little pale) skin that I get teased for…
And I thought that “am I that bad??”
But now I’m proud of whoever I’m and doesn’t want anything to change about myself…
And sorry I just said a little too much…so,
I support your idea

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Sorry to say but It was not chit-chat and meaningless forum. You should not make topics like this. I seriously suggest you to talk with @Jeremy or @Ryan . If she allow you to make such topics Then I have nothing more to say! :blush:

You’re absolutely right! Skin color is not a choice, weather if it’s light, dark, or whatever it’s not something you choose, my sister has dark skin and she always makes laugh at me, like my family is mixed and I got the lightest skin ever (obviously teasing from my sister doesn’t bother me that much but people can be horrible about a naturally pale skin)

And haha you didn’t say too much I spent close to 40 minutes writing this topic so, That doesn’t seem like a lot :wink:

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Omg, this is sharing feedback on a story idea, there’s nothing wrong with it and talking about not perfect characters is really not any kind of inappropriate content what’s your problem?

I only told you to talk with @Jeremy or @Ryan for their permission . I’ve neither use inappropriate words not You. So You shouldn’t write “What’s your problem?” Can’t I just suggest, huh? :rage::angry:

Why would I need “permission” (nobody gets “permissions” on the forums anyway) to post a completely valid topic that doesn’t break any rule and is in the right category?

I’m not trying to be mean, but I did nothing wrong so wtf?

(btw, work on your grammar, friendly advice.)

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Fine. I also don’t want to rude or mean but I’m on the correct grammar. Fine I have nothing to say because I am speechless by myself! Okay i remember you haven’t take the suggest. If you don’t want to talk to them Then it’s fine, I’m not forcing you to talk.
As a friend I am TALKING with you because I never make any enemy!

Hi! This thread doesn’t violate any rules and doesn’t express anything inappropriate (for my 2 cents I think this is a very interesting and original idea for a story!). Carry on and please continue to be polite and considerate to one another! :slight_smile: :v:t2:

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Thank you @Ryan! This story is my new baby now I’m glad it seems like a good idea

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:baby_bottle: :+1:t2:

Hello m-d :slightly_smiling_face:
I really appreciate a realistic story without these Bad Boy’s and pregnant people… I’m working on my first story at the moment and I really try to make it different as much as possible from the other “cliche” stories!
I think it would be easier if epsiode add different body shapes :thinking:

Your character is really good. She’s looking so… normal and I like it! Because she looks like all of us.
refer to the skin color you choose… tell me: Who has a perfect teint and skin color? NO ONE!

Why didn’t you publish your other 12 stories? I bet they are just as well as this one! :slightly_smiling_face:

When did you plan to publish this story? I really want to break out of reading all the same stories again and again! (not gonna tell they are bad but reading something with different background won’t hurt :wink:)

Best wishes from Germany! :grin:

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I agree…
You should publish your other stories as well @m-d

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I would! I have actually one story idea where the MC’s aren’t models either. No cliche mean girl,(there are popular girls but they are nice)

I mean they are not “ugly” they are just your average persons


Thank you! That means so much :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I didn’t publish my other stories from several reasons.
2 of them were contest entries and I missed the deadline, when I was writing the first ones, I was really struggling with directing and couldn’t do much and it was really frustrating and hard (despite that, the second and third stories I wrote I started with 5 and 6 episodes because I wanted to start with more content than more people usually get in 3/4 (sometimes less if they lock episodes) episodes).

I have IG if you really want to know, there’s not too much there now, but I’ll probably finish in a few weeks (I really hope, but probably) so I’ll write there when it’s published.

My Instagram is called @maayan.epi (Maayan is my name)

btw, I can actually draw art scenes and some backgrounds/ overlays it will probably make a story like this better, (I actually don’t really think too many people will read it but worth a try :worried:)

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Thank you! Your characters actually look really pretty, there’s nothing wrong with that, most people probably would hate my idea of an ugly MC…

I’m sure your story is awesome!