Would you read this story? (more details inside the topic)


Those people should give the story a chance, I’m sure it’s awesome!


It’s in the process, I hope so too, tysm!


For the love of God don’t let it get you down…
I mean if you think writing is your passion then write…
Don’t write because you wants to have reads write because you enjoy writing…
I am writing a story and I’m 100% sure no one’s gonna read it but still I will write it because I enjoy it


How many chapters have you completed in it??


Just started it, and I really don’t care if people like me or not, but if absolutely no one would want to read my story I bet it wouldn’t exactly make me feel the best, anyone would, I don’t just want people to like me, I’m, as a person, actually hate getting a lot of attention I’m really like that.

I really just want to make a story that wasn’t ever seen on Episode and try to show people who may read it with the story how important it is to see past the look and focus on the personality and soul, because it seems like in every possible story on Episode, even with characters who have serious problems they first focus on how pretty they are before their actual issues, if they weren’t hot and perfect, nobody would notice them.

And I’m sick of it, that’s the point of this story, not getting reads, I’m not trying to write to get strangers I don’t know and don’t care about like me but I would like at least some people to like my story, show that side to readers. Okay? Do you get it better now?

Please don’t jump into conclusions I just want people to like me.


I totally think this is a great idea! I personally have lighter skin for my race too. (I am mixed with Jewish and Trinidadian) and I find that I am bullied a lot for it because people say I don’t belong in the black nor white section and I feel your struggles :frowning: but the story idea it’s self is great, nobody is perfect and most characters in the episode stories are pretty close to perfect.


I’m a similar case, my family is mixed with white and brown and I don’t know how, I got super pale skin and it’s not very nice :expressionless:

and tysm!!! :kissing_heart:


Well I didn’t wrote that to offend you or anything I just wrote it because like your 12 other stories what if you don’t publish this one also…
I just wanted to encourage you to complete the story and publish it…
Everyone commented on this thread is really fascinated to read a story that isn’t based on the looks of characters but there personality…
I am sorry if I came as rude or anything but I promise that I didn’t mean it like that…
So, I wasn’t really jumping o any conclusions about you being liked or not…
I was just trying to encourage but I guess the selection of my words wasn’t correct…


It’s okay, but I’, feeling really motivated and I really want to publish this one, okay? And believe me like the first 8 I wrote were pretty bad (I needed a lot of practice, really a lot…) so now this story can be absolutely great!

It’s really important to me now, and like I said, I don’t even like attention, if the world around me was a movie I would be a background character that’s trying to get as far as I can from the main characters’ spotlight.

i would like people to think good things about my story, but i’m really not aiming too high, it’s just a story that is important to me :v:


Its cool…:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:


I agree that a story full of perfect characters is annoying and unrealistic, but honestly I don’t know if I would read yours because you didn’t say anything about the MC’s personality. All I know is that she is “ugly” .
I usually make my characters the way I want them to look and I often let the readers to customize them too, but even if they look “good” (which is actually very subjective), I never make them perfect: I like writing about dumb but cute characters, geeks and nerds, characters with anger issues, others who mess up everything or who are always targets to make fun of.
So if your MC’s personality was interesting and unique, I wouldn’t care how she looks. Can you share more details about her?


The story is really deep, of course there’s more than just hr look.
I don’t know how acceptable it would be here specifically, but she has self confidence problems and several addictions (not against content guidelines and differently than how most stores with similar content do it).

And she’s kinda in a mental institution in the “present” and most of the story is happening months to over a year before that and eventually to the present and to how and why she was there. And hopefully if I’ll continue it farther, after that and farther than the “present” (like continuing the timeline instead of staying at the same place and just talking about the past)

It’s also partly an LGBTQ story (the MC is pansexual and some other characters are a part of the LGBTQ community) and some of the choices have a huge impact on the story line., but eventually it all leads to the same place.

Also, about the MC, she’s a music lover and works as (not very successful but still) a music producer, it’s a part of the story and the story has a lot of details and I love thinking about everything to the smallest details possible, it’s definitely not a blank story where the entire plot just goes around the MC being ugly, okay? It’s much much more than that, her look matter, it makes her life harder and she’s a little overweight and has skin conditions and scars (I’ll be using a lot of overlays and digital drawn art scenes I can make those by myself, so
her details are always very clear)

How is it now?
And thank you for your opinion, I really didn’t give many details about the MC’s personality but I just don’t want to tell my entire story planning and it’s still a work in progress, I might change a few story details too.


This sounds interesting, I would definitely give it a try. I didn’t think at all that the plot is only about the MC being ugly, I just felt I would need more details in order to answer your question. I hope you don’t think I wanted to offend you with this. I was just curious, so thanks for the reply and good luck with writing.


Thank you! I wasn’t offended, that’s okay, some people need more details to give a specific opinion I get that, didn’t sound like an insult of any kind


I don’t have a lot to contribute that someone hasn’t already said, but I agree with you very, very much on perfect main characters- I actually used to do this thing where I would only read character customization stories and I would make the main character kinda ugly- yknow, downward sloping eyes, messy hairdos, big noses, the whole wazoo. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who likes intentionally ugly characters!


Tysm! And omg never knew anybody did that, people almost always want CC to make characters look prettier, I personally don’t even like CC and if a story has customization in it I just leave the character as it is (if it comes with name picking I just write my name because you can’t really skip on it but I just hate giving characters my own details like CC, name or whatever)

It means a lot to me to see that more people are supporting this idea! Again, THANK YOU! I’m crying, so happy that several people say they like the idea :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:



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