Would you read this story? (more info inside)

Hey, I know the character limit for stories can be painfully short, so I’m wondering if the description for my story is enticing enough. Basically, if you saw this synopsis on a story, would you read it? What would you suggest to make it better?

You and your best friend make a suicide pact to go to the Grand Canyon and end it all together. Will you both really do it? Or will it be over before you know it?

Oh btw, if you need any help on making your synopsis better just comment below and I can give you some pointers. I used to edit synopses when I was an editor for people’s episode stories so I probably know a thing or two about summarizing something in 180 characters.

I think it is enticing enough. It certainly got me to read it.

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Haha alright, I kinda got worried that the double question marks were lookin weird but it’s probably because I’ve been re-editing it and having to look at it for a while.

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oh, it’s just supposed to be a call-back to the title (literally called “over before you know it”) it was probably a tad bit confusing cause i didn’t put that info in the post. thanks for the feedback though!

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I would totally read this!

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Although your synopsis is enticing, it seems as though it’s written for a very short story, or like it’s only focusing on a particular scene of a story. I mean, does your story only deal with the suicide, or is there anything else that follows? (if they don’t choose to do it.) Because if there is, I think it’s worth mentioning.

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The story is planned to be about 10 episodes long, the road trip starts off in good ol’ Massachusetts and ends in Arizona, so it takes a while. I don’t wanna say “go out and read it for yourself” but it probably sounds a little boring if I just say that the majority of the story is a road trip (which isn’t entirely true, there are several important scenes that happen across the episodes that don’t take place in a car.) There’s an element of “will you be able to stop your friend in time?” across the episodes that take place before you get to the Grand Canyon, but I’m not sure if I really encompassed that in the “will you both really do it?” part of the description. The story does show what happens if you decide to break off from the suicide pact though, it doesn’t just abruptly end or anything.

Ah, alright, I see why you don’t want to elaborate too much now. Well, like I said, your synopsis does sound pretty interesting, so you have nothing to worry about. Good luck with your story!

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I love it and would definitely read it! Could you have a look over mine, please? I think mines decent, but could be made better.

Sure thing

Thanks! Here it is:
She’s always been confused about boys, friends, drama and well…life. What happens when she loses her memory and is more confused than ever?

Ok, so it sounds really interesting but 1. It might get reported on episode for going against guidelines (for including triggering things like suicide pacts etc) and 2. It seems like the story could unravel itself in 1 chapter (for example; they go to the grand canyon and then they just go like “hey let’s not do this anymore” and then they just leave) but u probably have an idea what else is gonna happen so idk. I’d read it tho.

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Here are some edits, they’re sorted to least to most modified.
She’s always been confused about boys, friends, drama, and well… life. But when she loses her memory, she find herself more confused than ever.

The vague she pronouns are what killed the synopsis for me, so here’s a version with you prns:

You’ve always been confused about boys, friends, drama, and well… life. But when you lose your memory, you find herself more confused than ever.

With both of these descriptions there’s still 40 or so characters left, so here are some suspenseful lines you can tack on the end of either summary.

Can you uncover the truth and find out what happened?

As you uncover the truth, your world turns upside down.

Feel free to mix and match these as you please! If you end up using most of these feel free to credit my insta @lizard.episode.

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This story was a love letter to my personal experiences, so I didn’t really write it in a way that was like “oh sweet let’s do a suicide pact wheeee”. There’s a little warning in the beginning of the story in case anybody skimmed over the summary, and based off of the choices the mc kinda gets a savior complex near the end of episode 1, so the pact isn’t shut down immediately. Trust me, the scene where the reader chooses to back out the pact is much more dramatic than “yo I’m out bye”

Sounds cool. Didn’t mean to come off as offensive I’m sure ur story will turn out great. It sounds really interesting x

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Okay, thanks! I’ll definitely try mixing your suggestions up and seeing what I like the most :blush:

That sounds really good! My story is about an over-dramatic weird girl (I’m weird to so I’m not saying it as a bad thing) Who doesn’t fit it and loves everything to be dramatic. Then she get’s sucked into her super dramatic cliched story.
Here’s the synopsis:
Milly is known as the typical over-dramatic-awesome-and-nerdy-weirdo. Even SHE admits it. But what happens when she manages to create her own universe- revolving around her over-dramatic-awesome-and-nerdy-weird story. And what happens when she gets trapped inside of it?