Would you read this story? (Need feedback)

It’s a sci-fi story, with character cutomizating, in limelight, the first five chapter is with a male MC. The main storyline isn’t revealed in the first five chapters tho. I don’t expect any reads, just I’m curious, about everyone’s opinion about everything. For instance I talk about a little science, mental illnesses, business, acceptance etc… and I’m planning to add a lot more of them in further episodes. I’m trying with advanced directing, so there are a few tappable overlays, scanning, and timed choices, just to make it more interesting. Honestly I don’t plan to make a lot of romance, but there will be some. Write down your opinion, please. Thank you!

if you wanna write for yourself(which is the best reason) do it that way you want. if you wanna write for people. I would say it is not a good idea to write a story there first present the plot in chapter 5.

from what i read, the plot will be interesting and different, but if you use too many professional phrases i would maybe get a bit bored. i suggest not revealing plot in ch 5, beacause you would loose many readers because they didn’t see plot in first three chapters.

I seen this happen in one story the plot didn’t start until the middle of chapter 3 and as I reader I hated that especially since it just felt like it was getting dragged on and on especially when the entire 3 chapter could of been done in two scenes the rest flashbacks during the story.

Now since your writing the story write it for yourself but taking so long to get to the main plot will effect readers a fair bit.

But story wise sounds interesting and you could make it work you won’t know until you write it but the only issues is the 5 chapters.

Thank you very much for all of your answers. It felt so good to hear from your opinion. It’s a bit surprise what will be in the 5th episode, but the first 5 episodes aren’t flashbacks. They are from another perspective in another time (I can’t really tell you without spoilering) Anyway thank you for your answers <3

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