Would you read this story? [POLL]

i’m working on a new story and i’m looking for some feedback before i put too much time into it.

there are three main characters. the reader plays as a 22 year old woman named mae. mae is a heavily closeted lesbian. she’s been in a fake relationship with her high school best friend, a gay guy named dan. the two got married a few years before the start of the story.

in the first couple chapters, you get to know the “couple”. it’s a sexless, purely public marriage. behind closed doors, the two of them are just friends who live together. they sleep in separate rooms. in public, though, dan is obsessed with pda. kissing, hugging, hand holding, all of it. he’s desperately afraid of being outed, and also shows no desire to come out of the closet.

after a few chapters, the mc meets the love interest-- vivian. vivian is a breath of fresh air. she’s an out and proud pansexual woman and the mc has the biggest crush on her. the mc starts to realize she wants to come out of the closet like vivian, and she wants out of this fake marriage. she wants to be with vivian!

how will dan react? who knows? [insert more cliche cliffhanger type questions here]

edit: i’m not sure about the title, but i kinda like “five year shadow” like a five o’clock shadow? but symbolic of the five year marriage.

  • hell yes! let me know when it’s released!
  • maybe… how’s the directing?
  • not really… i wouldn’t be interested.

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also, feel free to leave any title suggestions below if you have them!

Hell yeah! That’s sounds like so much drama!

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drama is definitely a ton of fun to read!


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