Would you read this story? (Story Idea)

Hey there!
I’m planning to write a story and as u read in the title, I want to have your opinions and if you’d read a story like that. :innocent:
Also, if you got any advices or suggestions on how I could make the story more interesting, go ahead!!

Soo, it’s about an FBI agent, her name will me Mariah Perez and she got shot in the arm by a serial killer two years ago when she tried to defead him.
But two years later (present), she’s back and wants to work again, soon, she has to work on a case of another killer in the town, which kills more or less known mafia bosses and involed persons. She starts working on the case and soon she recognizes, that the new worker at the FBI starts acting strange.


cool story idea. would love to read.

Sure, I would.