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My name is Abygail and I’m a new author. I came from Wattpad and other sites so I’m used to the writing, just not so much the animating and such haha.
I’m using one of my stories I’ve written and turn it into an Episode. Now I did, in the story, base it off of a specific celebrity but I know that’s not allowed on here. So I used the celebrity as a “base” for the character’s looks but he won’t resemble him in any other way. Hopefully that’ll keep me out of trouble with Episode.

Here are the basics:
The main character is a police officer and she’s struggled with love. She is at the time when she wants kids so instead of searching for a boyfriend, she’s just going to go through artificial insemination. From what I know about that, is the donor leaves a slight description and can leave their own details, like a number, if they want to be involved. The donor happens to be a man in a very famous band. The main character comes into contact with him and he lies about his identity, using a pseudonym instead of his real name incase the main character were to leak his information. When they finally meet, she discovers who he truly is. And the rest of the story is the battle between her pregnancy and relationship with him, along with her dangerous job.

Would you be interested? And don’t be afraid to answer honestly- I want to know before I put my heart in it.

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And if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to ask what to you makes an Episode story good? Like having broad diversity or sound effects…Let me know!

Hi Abygail!
Here are a few things that I personally like in stories:
Directing - I tend to stop reading if there are constant problems with layering, characters facing the wrong way, problems with spotting, etc.
Grammar, spelling, punctutation: I’m not perfect, but if I can’t understand what the author is trying to say, chances are, I won’t continue reading.
Length of episodes - I don’t like to feel like I wasted my passes. I personally like episodes to be 10-15 minutes long.
Diversity - :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:
Meaningful choices - Point system, gains, etc.
I don’t think sounds, art, or customization are 100% needed, but they can enhance the reading experience.
Welcome to the Episode community :heart: Hope this helped!


Hey Abigail of you need help with the romance check out my How To’s:
Romance on Episode is the hardest thing to break through with a new story. It’s even harder to rise to the top of the Episode Ladder of Romance. How this Help! ~ Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:
And yer I would read it make sure you share it so I can read!

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