Would you read this type of story? (Polls)

So I have another story idea I would like to bring to episode and would like some opinions🥺

Also please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments as well
It is greatly appreciated😊

  1. Would anyone like this type of story?

Genre: Action/Horror survival/Romance

It will be in LL

Basically the mc is about to get married only to runaway during the wedding ceremony, while she leaves to go back home, a disaster occurs causing a lot of people to die, the mc must now survive in a post apocalypse.

Also instead if zombie it’s parasites
(Tho I may change this)

  • Yes
  • No

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  1. Would you be ok with 2 love interests?

The main love interest will be a mafia boss
(I was thinking it might be interesting to see a mafia li in like a horror survival type of story.)

The second Li is working for the leader of a underground base for survivors

  • Yes
  • No

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  1. If no, would you want the second love interest to be for the YOU character instead?
  • Yes
  • No

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  1. What type of choices would you guys like?
  • Romance choices
  • Romance w/ points via point system
  • Time choices
  • Hair and Make up choices
  • Outfit choices
  • No choices, read like visual novel

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  1. Should I do multi endings?
  • Yes, a sad and bittersweet ending
  • Yes, a sad, bittersweet, happy and open ending
  • Yes, a sad and happy ending
  • No, insert what type of one ending you would like to see

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I am totally for happy endings… :relaxed:

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Thank you to everyone that voted and left comments, I really appreciate it😊

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