Would you read this why/why not?

Title: The Evil Inside
Genre: Romance, drama and action
Story Summary: Scarlett and her twin brother Caleb are everything you most people want to be - popular, rich, smart and pretty. However they take this for granted and people start to hate them more. But once Caleb’s friend’s come into the picture how will they change Scarlett’s life. Once the fire in her is lit will she let the flames burn or will she drown it in water so that it cant be lit again? What is Scarlett’s fire? How far will she go to find out?
Opening Lines:
Everyone is like a nut in a shell,
Once you crack the outer shell there is something else in there, usually a nut.
Yet, with us, once you crack our facade there will be something we have tried desperately to hide.
That could be a good personality, a bad personality, anything really!
But, yet, that is like a fire.
Once it is lit, is there anyway to put it out?
Or is that flame going to burn brighter and brighter?
That isn’t for me to choose, it’s for you.
It’s your decisions that will impact this.
So, as you read on think about these question:
Once your fire has been lit, are you going to embrace it and let the flames burn ?
Or are you going to drown it in water so it never can be lit again?
And what is your fire? And how far are you willing to go to discover it?
Let’s find out.


Ooh, I think it sounds interesting!

I died on this part: Once you crack the outer shell there is something else in there, usually a nut. :joy:

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Aha, every time my sister reads it she starts to crack up when she gets to there as well :joy:

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