Would You Read This?(;;;*_*)

Title: Sweet Evil


Summary: London and Robin have hated each other for years, they were always in constant competition to be better than one another One day their teacher decided to do an all year project where two people have to get to know each other and write about their experience at the end of the year. Robin and London were forced to be partners.

Please dont sugar coat your answer :slight_smile:


I would read this. It sounds awesome! Drama, passion, humor, what else? Sounds really good! Might change the title though. (sorry)

Yea I’m a little skeptical about the title to.

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Yeah, I just find it a bit off putting and misleading. Because it kind of sounds like a stereotypical mafia or love story. Sorry, I’m just putting it how it is. Maybe make another thread asking for ideas?

I love the description, suggest throwing that title into the bin lol. Like she said ^^ first thought was another mafia story.


Tbh honest I don’t think so, it sounds a bit cliche to me :weary::cold_sweat:


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