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name: Mr Bad Boy and Mrs Bad Girl
description: Your the most powerful gang leader. Your going on an undercover mission to kill your BIGGEST rival. Will love get in your way? (Character Customisation)

I want to prove the female stereotypes wrong and have no damsle in distress but I know I added ‘LOVE’ but it can’t hurt to have some love to make the story interesting

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In my opinion, the story sound kind of cliche because it involves a bad boy and gangs… but it’s not a bad thing. I do love the idea that the girl MC won’t be the damsel in distress, cause like the girl is always so helpless in gang stories :roll_eyes: Would I read it? I love the description, as a reader I would most likely click on your story. However, if the story is well developed then I would most likely continuing reading.


In my opinion it sounds like a good story and I think your idea of proving female stereotypes wrong is a great idea. As long as it’s well developed and intriguing then I wouldn’t put it down ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you

Thank you so much I appreciate this

Don’t thank me ! Good luck writing it and when it’s published I’ll give it a read

I really love your support and positivity

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oh the rival is an interest but theres a hidden villain in the story and the rival does have a back story i really love your attitude towards my story

thank you so much

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In theory, if I were to see this on the app without having any idea what the story is about, based on the name alone I would not read this story. I think you should try to come up with something
less overt that won’t make people think this is yet another angsty-bad boy/naive-helpless-damsel story.

ok I have no idea what I can name it

Being completely honest, I love that story idea where a female is finally not a hopeless crying person and shes powerful but I don’t like the bad boy one . I would read the first episode and that’s it because I want a nice boy bad boys are wayyy to cliche. :blush:. My opinion , your story.

Thank you so much for sharing I’m trying to make my story the least amount of cliche as possible

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We have the same mind.

What are the prevalent themes of your story? What inspired you to write this story? Is there a movie or song or poem that correlates with the themes or characters of your story?

not really I’ve been reading a lot of action stories lately and i fell in love with them so i wanted to make a unique twisted version of them for example having a female gang leader (which is not very common)

Ugh, this is why I think we shouldn’t have to name our stories before we’ve finished them, you really can’t think of a good title before everything shakes out. That’s why SO MANY STORIES have names that just describe what happens in the story…we basically name our stories like internet porn videos.

There’s this Stacia Kane quote from the Downside Ghosts series “Ego vos mergam, nec merger a vobis." which is latin for “I sink you, that I will not be sunk by you” which basically means “tried to fuck me but I’d rather fuck you” (No Vaseline - Ice Cube), I’ve always found that pretty gangster, maybe call your story “Ego Vos Mergam”.

Good idea it depends on where I take my story because I didn’t make a plan things just happen