Would you want to know which choices impact the story?


Hi! So my story involves the point system and a lot of choices that impact the overall outcome of the story, which is important as it’s a murder mystery. Although I personally really enjoy reading these types of stories, I actually get very anxious making choices that impact a story, though at the same time it sometimes annoys me when I make a silly choice without knowing that it has consequences.

So, as readers, would you prefer to know if a choice you’re making is important, or would you prefer it to be a surprise?


Have you ever read “Thousand Dollar Friend”? There is an option to know the better choice, and it is really cool.


I think that it is more interesting not knowing because that’s how life is.


I reckon just let them know that it matters at the beginning of the chapters e.g Warning: Your choices matter.


I agree with @Infinite

If better choices are marked with different color or however, I have no wish to read the story further. This ruins my enthusiasm.

I want to make my own choices when I read the story, good or bad.


I’d probably like the option of turning a choice helper on or off at the beginning of a episode. With that, I can try a story and see if I think I’ll need a choice helper or not.


I agree with @Starlynn it would be nice to have a option.


I always preferred the stories where I didn’t know the outcome of my choices until I accidentally killed off my no. 1 love interest with a totally irrelevant choice :smiley:
I don’t want to describe the exact case, because it would be a spoiler for anyone who is reading/will read the story, but believe me it was so unexpected that I was shocked. It’s still a good story though, but I would have liked if the author had at least mentioned it was something important :smiley:


Yeah I mean as long as you give a warning in the beginning it’s cool


Personally, I like to know if choices will matter, however I don’t want to be told which choice matters and which doesn’t (unless every choice matters, then just say that). I also like to know if they matter to get different endings or if they are just there to affect relationships.

I guess I just like to know what I’m getting into when I read a story. If choices don’t matter, I honestly just click whatever or choices that I find funny or think will give a funny response. Then if I later find out that they mattered, I feel kinda annoyed as I’d have made more considered choices otherwise. But as I said above, don’t tell me which matter and which don’t as for me, it’s more fun if I don’t know which choices are impactful.

Could just be me, but that’s my thoughts x




Yeah, this was exactly my reaction.




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