Wow art emporium <3 requests are now closed

Hey guys! Looking for some art for your stories? Well you’ve come to the right place!

@kennedy11 @Chesirekitten101 @granolias and myself are happy to help you

we love helping people out when it comes to art, we just love making it for People ! So we decided to make a thread?

we make splashes, overlays, covers and outlines


  • we are allowed to deny your request

  • Please do not steal our art , we will spend a lot of time on these creations so please don’t take it for your own…you have to credit us or it counts as stealing

  • Please do not ask us how long it will take…we all like to take time on our work to make it the best quality! So please don’t rush us :relaxed:


Add examples under all of our names so they know what they are getting into :joy:

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would you be able to put most all of your examples on here as it just saves me some time forwarding them all onto here :blush:

Will do! I’ll put 3.

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Can I request an art scene ?

From who?

@kennedy11 yours

Okay, what would you like?

Do I send you screen shots of the character and background ?

Yes, Ink or limelight?


If you can add a gun to his hand, if not it’s okay Also can you have him in zone 3 by the window.

Okay I’ll begin working now, two more questions, how soon do you need it? also i’m not as good at men btw ( my baby brother is using my stylus so I can’t really start yet ) and would you like him drawn and the background blurred

Hopefully within a week , and you do whatever your best at just surprise me .

I’m sooo sorry it looks horrible :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s okay , I have a lot of art scenes .
I’ll have you do one of my female ones

Thx, i’m wayyy better at females.