Wow bananas are my life 🍌 (chat thread)


Tbh I love bananas don’t hate

Originally this thread was a dare but it gets more recognition than my art thread at this point so it may as well be a chat thread

The Bachelor - Forum Edition

I used to love bananas too! But I prefer GRAPES now.




Wow great speech


Yes, bananas are awesome!


I shouldn’t have done this




How dare you !!! Banana is life , banana is love




I’m so sorry I offended you, but hey, people’s taste buds change overtime. (Although I still have a soft spot for chocolate)


Haha :joy: awesome topic!


It was a dare :joy:


Well, whoever gave you this dare is smart :slight_smile:


Or has too much time on their hands to make the dare up lmao


It was me and I was very bored so why not?


It gave me some entertainment after scrolling down plenty of feature requests, art threads and other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love those threads, but I got bored after staring at them for 2 hours straight.


This is hilarious! :joy::joy::joy: Don’t close it.


Agreed @Badangel


It’s now a chat thread voila


Guys, have any if you tried banana nice cream. Basically you blend a frozen banana and get a naturally sweet soft serve :heart_eyes: