Wraith needs models (closed)

Hello there! I’m a commission artist and sometimes I am free to draw characters or do art besides commissions and college. You can drop me ur characters and I might draw them :heart:


People are more likely to comment if there are examples so id add them!

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Thx added❤️

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omg ur art is so cool !!
Here’s my character :slight_smile:

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Hello I was wondering if you could also add your characters of your story? And if so if you could add a pose you could use if you decide to draw them? :blush: It’s okay if you rather come up with your own ideas.

omg me please! that’s incredible!

You can use my character!

The lip color is different now, it’s a Pink Peach Medium Gloss

here’s mine! tag me if u use it:)

Here are my details if you still need anything! :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:
Keep up with an amazing work!


Body Female soft body (Rose 03);

brows Arched Natural (dark brown);

hair Long Straight Loose Solid (yellow green);

eyes Deepset Downturned(hazel);

face heart defined;

nose round button;

lips Full Heart Pouty (pink warm gloss);

scar forehead (04-07);

dragon sleeve tattoo solid;

treble clef tattoo.

Feel free to use mine :))

or refer to my profile picture :3

You can use mine if u would like, you can do anything. :heartpulse:

Thx to everyone. I already know with who to begin with :heart: