Wraith’s art practice

Hello everyone, I’ve been very rusty lately and I would like to practice to draw some episode characters again. :two_hearts:

Here are my latest examples:


  • I will be only doing 1 art for 1 person

  • Be Patient since I’m a commission artist and rn I’m having some time to practice so it will take me up to 2 weeks for a piece.

  • Yes you can use it to post on ig or ur story but PLS u have to tag me in case u will be wanting to use it :exclamation:

-the poses u send me I might not draw and will draw your character in another pose (due to me practicing)

-you can support me on my IG (dm me for it cause I don’t like to write it open):revolving_hearts:

(If you would like to order some future art from me, dm me for more info🖤)



  1. Character photo (1 character ONLY)
  2. Pose reference (I might do my own for the practice purposes)
  3. Photo of the clothing
  4. Extra details (Wings/Horns/ butterflies/flowers/ stars etc…)

I will be picking first 3 people and then I will place this tread on a hold!!!

If u wish I can notify you when the next free spot will be open.


  1. @Dark_Clover21
  2. @shnksta
  3. @irenebebe

You can use my character

Character and clothing photo

Do anything you like for the pose I don’t really mind!

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you can use one of my characters


character and clothes:


extra details:
anything as pirate-y as u can

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Heyy! You can use my details if you want.


Character Photo

Pose Reference

I’m open to anything, but if you’re looking for reference maybe this?


Same clothing from the pose reference photo. : )


Probably just my glasses and light freckles. : )

Or if you want some fantasy, maybe heterochromia? The theme/vibe is mischievous lol.

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1.Character photo (1 character ONLY)


Female Character - CHARLOTTE
Body - Female Soft Body ( Copper 01)
Eyebrow - Arched Thin High ( Chestnut Brown )
Hair - Long Curl Half Updo ( Chestnut Brown)
Eyes - Deepest Almond ( Brown Dark)
Face - Square Defined
Nose - Grecian Soft
Lips - Full Heart Pouty ( Pink Peach Medium Gloss )

2.Pose reference (I might do my own for the practice purposes)


3.Photo of the clothing


4.Extra details (Wings/Horns/ butterflies/flowers/ stars etc…)

  • if we can add some objects like in the reference attached above I want the aeroplane to be on the cover
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Seems like I got late while typing :sweat_smile: no problem If you’re not taking any more requests

It’s fine but u don’t have a character pic😬

Oh sorry I forgot uploading it in the rush
Uploaded it now

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Just wanted to say that I love your art. Especially since the examples are valorant pieces. Best of luck! :purple_heart:

Hi @Wraith.monke can notify me when next free spot will be open

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Sure hun❤️

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Thanks you so much :hugs:

Just dropping by to say your art is amazing :yay:

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Thx a lot❤️

Tag me when open please :two_hearts: Super pretty art :white_heart:

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