Wrap it up... and more!


try refresh the page, now, here all female clothes are available


:raised_hands:What is this? Episode finally giving us what we want!? It’s a great day! Loving this!


Nice tysm


Nope, still no male scarf here.


yeah, just the scarf male for now :grin:


I feel silly for not noticing this but when did the male limelight get ascots? I just noticed them when I was checking for the male scarf.


Thanks y’all


Thank you Episode! :heart:


Finally! Thank you!




yes finally more tattoos yes


Darn it. I usually just wait until someone posts all the pics on here. This time I actually have to look at them on the portal


Starting off 2019 strong, I like it. Thank you!


Lazy :upside_down_face:


I don’t use the portal anymore! I’m just curious to see what they think is a priority




A sari sounds nice. Hopefully this one won’t give the Indian grandmothers heart attacks with the exposed stomachs


They just added the Ink Sari’s into Ll along with some of the head wraps.


So the sari isn’t modest like most saris are? It doesn’t actually have the dupatta (scarf/shawl) that makes a sari a sari?


It does. But it isn’t modest.