Wrap it up... and more!


@Liz after 3 hours male scarf is still not on Portal, just to let you know…


It’s open in the back


Eh as long as they’re not still running around calling the bralette and skirt with Indian-inspired designs and no scarf a “sari”, I’m happy


Actually saris usually are a little open at the back!


It’d be nice to have a Modest Sari. I think Episode forgets there’s modesty in Indian culture too.


Ah. The top of the Sari is kinda cropped and exposes a little back but I realized that’s how some look. Sorry :sweat_smile:


I’d love to see some choli skirts because they can be used by loads of other cultures too! I wear choli skirts to church


That’s cool


Pretty and modest at the same time, so Indian characters can choose to be modest and still uphold their roots


Perfect :ok_hand:t4:


The turbans do look weird on the LL females. It bends near the ear in a straight way. It looks like it expanding near it.


Do you know that wavy hair that’s fairly new that everyone likes? It’s really weird too because the hair is completely pulled off the face but you can’t see the ear


Strange. And it looks kinda like a bad wig to me. It’s how it’s parted.



Magic :dizzy:


It’s the way the hairstyle is shaped that makes it look a little weird. Like an ear’s missing but it’s just exposing the cheekbone too much. It bothers me too.


It drives me a little crazy. :dizzy_face: And people use it a lot too, which is irritating.


I use it too😅. Only on certain face shapes though. If you use it on the contoured faces the effect is a bit better.


The stomach is covered

This isn’t my actual character it was a random and put the sari just to show the example.

Actually the ink one is covered too…

it’s only the a little of the back you can see on the character


Wish they had different colors other than Pink and Purple. Maybe an Orange or Red would be nice. :thinking: