Wrap it up... and more!


Yeah a variety of colours would be great.


I was asking if it was the same as the current LL “saris” because I don’t use the portal anymore but thanks haha


A red and blue would be nice for me, though red is usually reserved for weddings in India


Yeah. They have wedding stuff, why not for Indian weddings?


Thanks! It should be up now.


Please like this topic if you’d like the lipstick animation+prop!


Great update! Thank you!
The thing I REALLY appreciate in Limelight is that not every bad boy has a rose tattoo :smiley:


Thanks for the update guys! However, I have a question. Why can’t we add more than one tattoo? Sometimes chest tattoos work with sleeves but that’s it. What if we want to add a hip tattoo and an arm tattoo? Is it just a glitch, or will it always be this way? @Liz I’d love if you guys could clear it up!


Yeah, I would like to add more than one. Maybe they’ll fix the glitch later on. Thanks for addressing it though.


I was surprised that none had talked about it before! Like am I the only one who wants to make hella tattooed characters :smiley:


Trust me, I do and it’s annoying that we can only do one. :sleepy:


Sooo annoying :frowning: hopefully it’s just a glitch!


I’ve thought about this a lot too, since I’m quite tattooed myself I’d love to see this in our characters. Such a nice way to make a character stand out. Few people I know only have one tattoo, a lot of us have plenty and it would be so nice to make that come true in episode as well… :thinking:


Update: we seem to be able to add 2 tattoos now! I’d still love more, but it’s a start :slight_smile:


Good question! It’s not a glitch but it is a limitation of our tech. Because tattoos function as clothing when adding them to your character we can only support so many pieces in a single ‘outfit.’ It may not always be that way, but at least for the foreseeable future we don’t have a work around for this.


Awesome update. Thanks Episode Team! :+1:t3: :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you for replying! I hope you guys change it one day :slight_smile:


It’s always good to get some feedback. So our followers on EpisodeHope (IG) have voted.



You should make full body tattoos