Write a story like your favorite author

Okay so the rules are simple. You pick a favorite author and start a story inside a setting I or somebody else gives you. This game is for those creative type that like to write and miss the RP community that used to be here.
1.) You need to write a pharagraph of the story, not too short (like 2 sentences short, unless the author you pick is Proust or someone else who writes really long sentences) but also not too long (up to 10 regular sentences)
2.) If you want you can make your paragraph be narrated, change the POV of the story becuase different authors do it differently.
3.) You have to put the name of the author somewhere, but you can also hide it and make a guessing game out of it for those willing to guess, but guessing isn’t a necessity
4.) Don’t be disrespectful.
5.) Write as many paragraphs as you want in here, but don’t answer to yourself unless nobody’s posted in a long time.
6.) If your favorite author uses a lot of swearwords of not very nice phrases, you can write it as them but blur or censor please.
7.) Have fun!

  1. Setting.

The MC is sitting on a porch of their new farm home in Oklahoma in the 1860s in the middle of god knows where, and the angsty teen is seeing the beauty of empty fields and the red sun kissed golden fields of wheat and corn. An urge to run through the wheat tempts them so much they almost forgot how hungry and tired and poor they are.
What do they do?

The story setting fits my favorite author, try and guess if you want, the answer is bellow.

John Steinbeck

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