Write an Episode story based on a movie?


So I planned to write an Episode version of the movie/book “Call Me By Your Name”. I really think it’s a great idea because a looot of people like that story, and i’m sure that a looot of people want to be able to live the story and make their own choices.

The thing is, Episode won’t let me use the real backgrounds of the movies. And I do understand, but if they don’t want me to use the real backgrounds, will they let me use the characters of the movie ? The story ?

Do you think I can write an Episode story on this movie and credit the author & director ofc, or do you think I can’t ?

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No, you can’t it’s against the guidelines, but you can get inspired from that movie, and write something similar.


But If I write something similar, will not it be treated as plagiarism ?

If you have to credit the writer and director, it’s too close.

You can’t have the characters in it, or any scenes from the movie. If you were going to draw some inspiration from the movie, it’d have to be so far from it that no one could really tell.

So in short, no.
But in long, you could build an original story taking small amounts of inspiration, there’s overlap of concepts all the time, but everything should be your own work.

To give one example, people have drawn some similarities between Cindy Gaultier’s Lifelike and Detroit: Become Human. But they’re not similar in a major way, just things that could be called coincidence (and most likely are), like the way androids are rebelling against their programming and demanding rights. That’s basically all the overlap, the plot and focus and characters are all different.

Likewise, you could write a story about a teenage boy slowly discovering his sexuality through an encounter with a young man, but the similarities will have to end there. Different characters, different plot points, different setting, etc. :+1:


that would be plagiarizing. which is illegal. you need to come up with your own story

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other examepls could be

kimba the white lion and the lion king

twilight, vampire diaries, fifthy shades of grey.

hunger games, maze runner and divergent

all stories there was an orginal with a very similar copy

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Oh thank you for your answer !
I totally understand it now. Even tho I’m a bit disappointed because I really wanted to do the real story, I think I’ll try to create an original one inspired by the movie, as you said.
Thanks again, that helped me a lot !

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Even if it wasn’t plagiarism this would still count as “fan fiction” which is also against the rules on episode. You’ll be better off coming up with an original idea.

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