Write an episode with me

I have a few ideas but I just need someone to help me keep them interesting. Dm me on insta @fergie_Writes if you are interested. Also I’m willing to go with your story ideas too.

I don’t have instagram, but I’m interested in writing a story with you, I know basic coding and the points system and branching <33333

Would you mind using email?

I don’t mind using email. Can I follow you on episode? (Currently I’m in school but I can talk later.)

of course! it’s :meena

I can’t seem to find you.

can i follow you instead?

Im Fergie1234567 (I added extra numbers so you have a better chance of finding me I’ll remove them once you find me.)

I couldn’t find you try finding me: Meenaiskindacool

Nope. Let’s try this. Look up “Nessa new” and go through her followers you should be able to find me there.

done found you

Good, just followed you back.