Write Stories with Me!

Hey guys, it’s KATsuki!
I would love for someone to write a story with me, or if anyone wants me to write with them, just comment and DP @KATsuki

Go beyond PLUS ULTRA!


Hey, I have some ideas for my story. Can you please help me with the planning? or co-write with me?

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Hii…I would love to be your co-writer…I also need some help so …I think we can help each other…

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Sure! what is your story about?

Cool! What do you need help with?

I Have two kinds of ideas,
One is a high school themed story
Another one is about werewolf

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Aww, thanks, I will pm you rn

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Am interested in writing a story

Hello!! My name is Zoey and I would love to write a story with you if your still available of course!!! I have some ideas of my own and I would love to hear your thoughts about them and hear your ideas too!! I think we could make a great team and have lots of fun while doing this too!!

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Hey, Could you help me? only If you want.

If anyone can write with me It’ll be very much appreciated.

hi, I would love to write with you. I am not very experienced but working with someone would really help boost my confidence and help me learn! I have fantastic ideas, and if I combine mine with someone else’s, I’m sure we would make a good team!

I could write with you, if you’re still available

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I am still available, thank you!