Write story please help i need writing partner. goods idea

Kidnapping love A girl moves in with her mother across the country just as she is about start college. She hope to make a new life for herself but along the walk she meet her first challenge. Mystery kidnapping are happened all over the country and no one can find the man or man behind it all .She believes she has found.her first true love but when she start to suspend that he is criminals behind it all what will she do.challenges imaginable is bring thrown her way. How will she deal with each problem .Will it push her over edge can you figure out what going happened next if you think you can good luck because this will be an ending you Will never forget.


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How can move to write partner do want to change that

She moved the catagory of this topic as you didn’t place it in the right one.

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find me write parter i dont know where she put at

i talk her all ready she move to here for me that why look on the top say find me write partner

hi Sydney can show where need be at some want help write story show me where post be with my story can you do me link kidnapped a love

Well first you need to make the description.

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can you help that description good idea

You got kidnapped by an unknown person. What happens when you have to do these challenges in order to survive. Can you escape and can you unmask the unknown person? Choices Matter

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Yes that good idea love it

Okay what else do you need help with.

How many story need to do

You mean how many episodes?

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can you help with the genre
do you know some ideas
put add on her

can you help with some name

still could help me to you add kidnapping love

Name: Riley
Genre: Mystery
Style: Ink
Chapters: As many as you want it to be
Author: You are the author of this story
If you need help creating an episode, watch Joseph Evans Episode Tutorials
Cover: Request a cover in Forums

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Do I need add any else to my story.