Writer/Director looking for Coder with Experience

I have a story in mind, but I’m completely clueless when it comes to actually making the whole thing. I don’t know how long the story will be yet, and due to my irregular job hours, I don’t think I’ll be able to publish on a set schedule. My story is a slice-of-life combination between Calvin & Hobbes and Steven Universe (without the magic) with some minor drug use, painful pasts, and explorations of sexuality. If you’re interested in helping me code for this kind of story, let me know and we’ll go from there. Thank you.

Edit: I’ll go into more detail. The primary focus is on two young girls, Frankie and Summer, who are 15 and 14 respectively. They come from two different families and end up becoming step-siblings when Frankie’s dad marries Summer’s mom. Frankie is not happy with the arrangement, and makes her opinion known whenever she can. Over the course of the story, the step-sisters meet each others friends and learn about their respective cultures and backstories, all the while dealing with growing up, parental secrets, where they fit on the LGBTQ+ scale, and their new living arrangments. The story is titled ‘The Franklin-Steins’ and yes, I’m somewhat refrencing Frankenstein in that Frankie’s dad is a taxidermist (kind of like how the old movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s only refrences the opening scene).

My character roster is slowly approaching 20, and could get higher, as some character’s parents are needed for plot purposes and other significance. If there’s any way for the coder or even Episode to provide generic background characters for locations such as school, restaurants, parks, offices, etc., that would be immensely helpful. I will provide the script with actions and movements for my characters in the hopes that I’ll make the coder’s life a little easier. I would like the coder to double as my beta reader, or they can pass my script to someone else if they want, to make sure what I’m writing makes sense and has little, if any, spelling and grammar mistakes.

This probably seems like a giant undertaking for my first story, but I’ve wanted to tell this one for a while now, and what better place to tell it than Episode?

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I just want to make it clear that my story is inspired by Calvin & Hobbes and Steven Universe, I’m not copying them. I hope that helps.


Sounds good! So long as you don’t use their names or obvious characteristics, you should be good to go. :+1: