Writer error on overlay?

Hello! :joy: can anyone explain what the image below indicates?

@overlay OVERLAY NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 0

send yr script, i think this is what your forgetting to add to yr script, but I may be right or wrong, so send your script to the chat. :point_up:t3: :point_up:t3: :point_up:t3: :point_up:t3: :point_up:t3:

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Hey i wrote that down on the script. i dont know what that was but when i replayed the story it worked perfectly fine so maybe its not a concern, hopefully haha. Thank you tho i appreciate it !

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this happens if you have command for overlay but you didnt created it. you probablyhave some command before you created overlay CHAP1 … or you deleted the overlay fromscript but forgot to delete all the animation commands related to it…

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