Writer error- Please create overlay in stage view first


Did you type @overlay TAXI DRIVER create in your script?

Yes I did

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May I see your script?

Yeh course

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Try adding opacity 1 in 0 ?

Okay I’ll try that

No it’s still not working

Try putting the overlay name next to the background after a with ~
and then add the specific placements of the overlay underneath into your script as you would normally, but add the &overlay TAXI DRIVER opacity 1 so that the overlay actually appears on the previewer. Hope this works :woman_shrugging:t2: :eyes:

Okay I’ll have a go thank you

I am such an idiot !! I realised I spelt the overlay WRONG! Thank you all so much for all your help sorry to waste your time I am such a doofus😂

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it’s fine ~ has happened to me more times than I can count smh :roll_eyes: :joy:


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