Writer looking for a Coder!

Hello! I am currently looking for a writing partner for my first story. I have written the story on wattpad and it is currently a fan fiction but I plan on modifying it, so I just want a partner to help me make the story in episode! I can help some with creating the characters, outfits, and choices templates but I would need a partner for everything else. I can also link you to the story if interested. I know this is a lot to ask, so any help would be great! Thank you!

I would love to do it!

If you could just send me the story, give me a brief overview, and tell me how you want the characters to look, I would love to code it for you, with FULL CREDIT


I’ve messaged you!

I’d love to do it! I like coding and doing all that sort of stuff. I am also very good with overlays!

I would love to. I’m starting out but have a good idea of coding and would like to extend that. Also happy to help with storyline if needed and love designing characters and outfits obviously with your input