Writer Payment: Sign up bug (blocked by extension)


Is this problem solved or still ongoing?


Still ongoing :rofl:


Amazing, I should have waited 20 more days so the thread would be closed… I love it when Episode cares about their users! Thank you Episode! :blush::sparkling_heart:


It’s been 17 days since I’ve sent the email to Jesse. I am starting to wonder, what exactly the issue is. I would honestly like to get an explanation what the real problem is, with embedding an iframe, so it works in modern browsers …

Anyone? Episode? Jesse?


19 days since I have heard from Jesse and I have a secondary issue now, which is although I have been able to receive some payment by using LilyS’s bypass, I have not bee paid my 25% gem bonus. I too received the email from @Jesse about tiplati and replied saying I was unable to sign in as I was not their client (no reply) this issue has been ongoing for a very long time now with no proper recognition of the issue… I get that this week is Thanksgiving but what on earth is going on?!


I find that my “gem bonus” is calculated separately and gets paid in the following paycheck. Also, my gem amounts are super tiny right now (since no one reads that version of the story) and they show as deferred but if I do the math, they’ve actually been paid :rofl:


I just went and checked and it looks like the issue has been resolved? I had no issues accessing the payment information or transaction history tabs :slight_smile:
I never got another reply from Jesse, but it does seem like everything’s fine now?


For me it still does not work :frowning:


Oh, wait. It just worked now! Wooohooo!


Happy b-day btw. :partying_face: