Writer Payments: Changes to the Qualifying Criteria


I totally respect your opinion

I do want to retouch on the last part though if Episode is requiring every story to be within guidelines in order to show up in the top 100 which they are, and they have since blocked after a certain number of slots or does not allow a story to gain a certain ranking because they have not check the said story, then I do believe this should be required. My story was blocked from a new user story category because it wasn’t checked for guidelines, and because it kept pushing the limit they were forced to read it and check it, and although it had 3 problem words out of all the chapters, I was told to change them or they would permanently block my story from ending up in any trending section.
So as far as I am concerned, if they are not going to allow a story to fully trend to its potential unless it is verified by a team member, then they need to do more due diligence to read the stories that could potentially trend that they are stopping.

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Whilst I respect your view of wanting less well known authors/stories to have their spotlight on the app too, there is no need for it to be taken away from other hardworking writers.

Everyone deserves the chance to be seen on the app. Community authors and contracted episode writers alike.

I will just stress though, that just because someone has an E over their story does not make them employed (contracted) by episode
In some cases, episode may have purchased one story by them. That still makes them a community author, because outside of that one story, they aren’t employed by episode. So why shouldn’t they be free to write as a community author just for being successful with a story?!

Now, to those actually employed by episode, they spend time working on stories for episode, AND have to balance in time to work on their own stories. Given how long it takes to code etc, that is a hard task to balance the two. Their own stories are still community stories. They should still be allowed in the community section because they are of the writer’s own creation.


also regarding the hard numbers… while we do not see how they count trending - you can use the result of the trending number see as result of all the hard hata - so its a hard hate itself in a way.

Clearly, if your story is ranking constantly pretty high its “good job done” on the story

If it jumps up on a high number and quickly falls down it looks like the story has some potential and fanbase but not enough fans. Such a story can make it it will just take time …if with each chapter you get a little bit higher or stay longer in trending it means you are doing a good job and you increased your fan base…however if with more chapters it more and more drops lower in ranks it means readers do not enjoy the story and it most likely need some redoing.

If even having 15 stories completed none of it it ever made to some good place in trending - that the problem is most likely in the stories itself

  • in 99% its simply not so good written and the author should maybe try to get more honest feedback to develop his writing style
    in 1% you write hood but in a style and theme that absolutely doesn’t fit to what readers want to read on this app
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I know you didn’t. I’m just saying, looking at it so plainly, won’t get you a target to hit. It shouldn’t even matter really. Write your best story, and that’s the only criteria you need to meet. If it’s good, it has the potential for anything.


I like to keep it simple.

There a ton of strategies to get a fanbase.

Some people also have good timing or are well connected. That is life. If you know the right person or you fortunate to be notice right away.
So many factors at play.

Fanbase can come from anywhere, but it is easier to try to get noticed from Episode established fanbase.

Your story might not suck. It could be you have a specific fanbase. Know your targeted audience and demographics.

Well it matters for me. I am not writing for free. I like to be paid for my efforts, which is why I would like to know the numbers

To each it’s own. This isn’t a hobby for me. I am trying to get paid.

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I cant speak for episode but as far as I remember stories are automatically send for their approval once they hit the top 100 in genre - it might take some time of course but one your story gets the potential to be seen on ap it automaticky should inform them that they should check it which is kinda logical.

also they approve all stories that are in contests - which in general is a great way how as unknow author you might get more attention to a story -because more readers are willing to read contest story since they expect that mostly high quality writers/directors do apply to contest - so if you publish story inside of contest you have bigger chance to build ab the base fanbase then when you publish outside a contest (as new author without stable fan base)


Then if writing isn’t your passion, and it’s about the money, you’re better off going a different route, and getting a job doing it :woman_shrugging:t2:

Episode don’t disclose the money they pay. So you’re unlikely to find out, no matter how much you want to. If you don’t want to write unless getting paid, then it’s unlikely you’ll create content, as many people have been writing excellent quality stories and haven’t managed to unlock payments after years, let alone have the story purchased.


That’s like saying artists shouldn’t be paid :woman_shrugging:t5:

You made your point already as well. You don’t have numbers so why continue with it. It is ok not to know something. Maybe someone who does might chime in.

No it isn’t. And I don’t appreciate you insinuating I’ve said something to that affect.

You want hard numbers… well what I said is hard facts. A vast number of episode users have been putting out great content for years and are doing it free because they haven’t reached payment of any kind. They continue to do so, because writing is fun for them.

You stated you aren’t writing for free, well episode isn’t a job (at least to most), so that’s saying you won’t create content unless money is guaranteed. Well, in that case, logic says you won’t create anything. Because money isn’t guaranteed. :woman_shrugging:t2:

And actually, I do know, thank you. I’ve had stories purchased from episode. So no need to be snarky.


Saying you don’t have a passion for something because you want to be rewarded for your efforts is insinuating something.

I don’t volunteer at my job for the love it. I work hard and want to be rewarded.

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If you want to live from payments on the episode you need to write stories that are loved by a wide audience. The episode will never hire an author whose stories are liked only by a small very specific group of readers.

The same goes for the payment section - most readers come not from the community or insta -vthey come directly from the app from readers who just come to the app to read something interesting - this is the “target group” you need to alure them if you want to get a full time payed author.

Your stories than must be the main streem something most people like.

Which is why I said to each its own. It doesn’t matter if people want to be paid. Nothing wrong with it at all.

It doesn’t matter if you know or not. You aren’t sharing hard numbers so why respond. :woman_shrugging:t5:

It depends if you are creative enough to find your own fanbase.

It is tougher on app for sure.

Actually, no, because I’m saying if you want to be paid, there are guaranteed ways to do so. Getting employed to write is the way.
Nothing is wrong with being paid for talent or passion, I never said that. I’m just telling you that episode isn’t a definite place where you will earn money. So if you don’t have the desire to create good content for free, then it’s not going to be rewarding for you.

  • And no I’m not sharing hard numbers, because no one will, that’s why I said that. Episode don’t share them, hence trying to mention that in order to give you a response in which could assist your desire to know something you arent likely to find out. But clearly by your attitude, that’s all you care about knowing, so my mistake for attempting to help :woman_shrugging:t2:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Maree this sounds really bit rude.
This topic is not about hard numbers or how to get and episode emploee but nobody is telling you “why you continue with it” here.

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I am telling her to stop responding to me. Nothing positive is coming from it. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Nothing is definite. No job is guaranteed. The point I am making is artists should want to be paid for their efforts. There is nothing wrong with stating that intention.