Writer Payments: Changes to the Qualifying Criteria

Has anyone seen the updated requirements? because mine still says 300 gems spent 100000 gem chapter reads.

same :thinking:

I am assuming people think that if the criteria isn’t changed on the writers portal it doesn’t apply yet, which is stupid, just because the portal isn’t updated doesn’t mean the back end isn’t updated, if episode expects that criteria no matter what the portal says that is the criteria the writers need to adhere to as well as expect to reach.
I am not a paid writer, I am not even close, but ignorance isn’t going to make it’s existence disappear.

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And I don’t think someone mentioning it is going to suddenly make Episode finally remember what they have been planning for months to implement.
No one on the Episode back is going to be like “D*mn we forgot to up the reads/gem spent requirements…”
We should do that now.
LOL OMG people are silly :woman_facepalming:

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This is so off putting for writing honeslty, I myself am a fairly new writer. My stroy is almost at 11k reads, and there’s like 200 gems that have been spent. I am nowhere near payment level and it’s quite sad because I spend so much time writing and do not get paid for it.