Writer Payments: Changes to the Qualifying Criteria

I don’t really quite understand, so in order be in the rank os stories we will have to use gems? We’re obligated to have those gems choices to appear in a shelf?


Do not treat this as impossible! Honestly I recommend you all to try and join a contest, if it wasn’t for me joining a contest I would have never unlocked payments either! Plus, episode has been really helpful with smaller authors, I can’t deny, sometimes I get frustrated that stories with more than 100k reads are not featured because I liked being featured :joy: but it makes me happy that episode is helping smaller authors, so you guys just need to not give up, work hard and you’ll make it! Honestly most bigger authors are where they are due to winning contests, so if your goal is to unlock payments, join a contest and work hard you may just catapult yourself to the top :heart_eyes: Just never give up :heart:


Except that I’m not getting any of the money? That’s what I’m saying…

If something I’m producing is earning money, I believe I should receive a percentage of it. I’m not asking for all of the money, I’m saying that I should receive and percentage and episode should receive a percentage. Both contributed to the stories existence and both should be compensated.

I’m not trying to discredit you or anyone else that has unlocked payments, I am aware it’s very difficult. But if it could be easier for authors to unlock payments, and the majority of authors could receive even a small percentage… why not?

I get it, you’ve unlocked payments now and this doesn’t effect you. That’s fine. But it effects the rest of us.

I’m going to end this saying that I found this comment extremely frustrating. I am fully aware Episode is “not a charity” and I’m not implying that I should just be handed money. Episode is a business, for which I earn money. I just think both of the parties contributing should earn a percentage of the income…


We’re not asking for everything to be free, we’re asking for episode to be sensible. They’re not giving any importance to small-medium authors rn. You’re either a huge author or not an author at all if you don’t understand this. Think from our perspective


Episode makes it so hard for small writers. Sigh.


Yes. That’s what episode has come to. :skull:

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OK, I understand that the episode is a commercial subject. And I understand they need to keep in good income numbers so the income from ads and gems cant be smaller than what they pay to the authors and stuff etc… but for the whole time its always making the conditions for authors harder and harder to get to the payment system while in the same time is episode adding more and more options how to get money from readers (gems in community stories, pay for early access which is in testing mode)

And I agree that 300 gems limit was way to low and did not make much of sense…

But raise it up to 100K reads with 50k gems is another extreme - its practically impossible to reach - as far as I know, good stories get around 25% of the gems amount comparing to the reads - so to 100K would be reasonable to have 25K gems - that make still sense, but 50K is unreachable with “just” 100K.


50K gems spent is what the readers have to spend on the author’s story correct?

yes - basicly if yu have gem choce worth 15 gems - and you will have 2 readers who will make this choice than they will spend 30 gems on your story . and you will see it in your payment section

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I’m even afraid that people won’t read any of my future stories because of gems, i do think they are annoying and a nuisance, they basically only add more lines into the script​:sob::sob:


Then that’s impossible for small writers then :woman_shrugging:t5: Half the time readers don’t want to spend their gems on a community story unless it’s an actual gem story. For 100k reads if you don’t the promotion money that’s impossible too. You have to work REAL hard to get both

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Its still possoble to write it so reader doesnt feel he is milked like a cow - I actualy added gem choices because readers ware asking for them - I have point system and they asked to get option to pay for boosting up the points if they due to choice didnt have enough. Or you can just add ad the and the support me button…


*have the right

Well nobody said that author who has 1000 reads should be payed - this is bonus for the reather big authors who work for free but make big money for episode - this way episode supports them to keep doing so.

The question is from what “size” of the author he is worht the support. Unfortunatelly its only episode who can decide since its their money.


So, obviously, as always there’s two sides of the aisle. I must admit that it’s being quite distortingly depicted here: Please, let’s just not declare it as something “impossible” - as we often do - just because the numbers look huge. As thoroughly explained by Alusza and others we’re talking about 50k gems spent and 300 gem choices in comparison. I don’t wanna go into detail about percentages but I do want to go into detail about some comments made here. So, I think the great dellusion that exists is the belief of hitting off the writer payment and making a decent amount of money on a monthly basis: I’ve talked to a lot of people and believe it or not but you’re earning way less than you anticipate. As J.Miley rightfully stated: It’s pocket change. So, I’m just gonna say it in advance: Write because you like writing not because you aspire a program that won’t cover any of your major expenses. However, I must wholeheartedly disagree with what Ksena said: Of course, Episode is nothing more or less than a hobby, nevertheless, the amount of hours you have to put into one Episode cannot be compared to the hours you put into a Hobby (That’s also what I understood out of Allies comment). If you wanna create some quality content, most of my friends and myself included need up to 24 hours and mostly beyond that for one Episode. Writing on Episode is NOT writing. Writers are designers, editors, artists and so much more. And quite frankly, asking for some kind of compensation is not rude or outrageous, I consider that to be self-evident. We, as random small/big authors are keeping the shelves on the App filled and the community alive that’s why - when we’re doing extraordinarily well - we should be rewarded. Concludingy, as I come back to the main topic: Plainly looking at the changes, of course it is a deterioration and with all due respect, of course it is also an act of commercial greed. First, we needed to add gem choices in order for our stories to trend. And now, in order for us to have a small chance of earning at least a little amount of money, we’re almost forced to add even more extensive gem choices. That’ll definitely increase the amount of people buying gems and Episode knows that. Is it necessary? No. So why does Episode implement this new qualifying system? Because they are a business and want to expand the amount of money they already make. We’ll see how that changes the community and the reading experience but let’s face it: The unique selling feature that Episode Community Stories had over Episode Original Stories was the fact that they did not need Gem choices. That era is over, so let’s see if this causes users to cease reading.
Addition for a solution: As many have already suggested, in order to kind of compensate this new criteria that makes it harder for particularly people who just started out, it would make a lot of sense if you at least increased the amount of days from 60 to 70-80.


If episode were to choose the “size” of the author they would definitely choose a author over 50k reads

But then again, Episode is just hobby for me. So I’m not too worried about it

The comments on this thread are all over the place at this point.

There’s honestly not much use arguing it with other community members because in the end- we don’t decide how the payment program works.

Just voice your thoughts on it and and let Episode know what you think of this program. Are you in support of it or not?

Hopefully they can listen to both sides voices and take what the community says into consideration.


Its hoby for me too -but my stories after 2 years of hard work are ranking pretty heigh in the trendind and episode is therefore obviously making profit on what I have created - so I think its fair to give at last something back.

And the smalest thing they can do is to keep the rules consistent - but they do constantly change and all are only to make episode more money on what the comunity created and giving back less to the comunity - that is what I have problem with.


this I cant agree with - episode makes costantly new shelfs where they promote mainly small authors, they make contest where small authors can be easily seen… atc

To come from small to bit bigger takes time and will not happen over nigh but IF YOU WRITE REALLY GOOD it will happen.

Small author doesnt automaticly mean good author.