Writer Payments: Changes to the Qualifying Criteria

Yea but I’m scared if I put very hard work into a story and after 2 years it gets noticed. Lately episode has been removing stories left and right for “Not following community guidelines” Just imagine if I started getting a lot of views l and episode randomly deletes my story. They want to give credit to big authors but they keep removing their stories in the process is what is weird to me

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I haven’t even published my story so far and its a little sad hearing you say that I’m saying this out of frustration that my story isn’t succeeding but as of now, I’ll ignore that comment. All I wanted to bring to attention was the perspective.


this is getting bit offtopic from the anouncment theme.
But episode reviews story automaticly if it reaches top 100 in genre and if you have something not OK they will give you chance to change it. They do not delete stories randomly for no reason. Besides its not so hard to write in accordance with the guidelines.


If you’re following the guidelines, they won’t randomly remove your story.

Most of the time, if you have a content violation they’ll send you an email telling you what’s wrong and give you an opportunity to make changes.

I worked with a reviewer a few weeks ago regarding a mini game in my story and they were very helpful. It took a few attempts, but eventually I got it fixed!


I think there is a HUGE discrepancy between “big” authors and newer or “small” authors. And this only makes it worse in my opinion.

Yes, we know that for you popular authors, getting that many reads isn’t that hard. You have a big reader base and since your stories are read by large numbers of people, you trend, hence raking in more readers, etc…

BUT how in the h*ll are smaller authors supposed to progress now? I’ve seen so many community stories that readers just stopped reading because the authors had to use gem choices for the story to stay relevant and have a shot to end up on the trending section. So if you’re you’re not popular in the first place, how are you supposed to become more successful now?

A reader might be ok with spending gems on a popular story because it seems worth it, since so many people read it and seem to enjoy it… But spending gems on a story with like 5000 reads? why would they do that? If it has so few reads, it probably means the story isn’t that good, right? (from a reader’s perspective, not trying to say small author’s stories are bad, in fact it’s quite often the opposite…)

Idk… Maybe at least let community stories earn readers gem at the end of a chapter too? idk.


This one author got two of her stories removed. Right then and there I would have stopped writing :frowning_face:

this change has no influence on trendins so I kinda dont get your point.

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I don’t know which author you are referring to, but if two of her stories were removed, she must have either refused to work with the reviewers or had major guideline violations.

They don’t delete stories at random, I promise.


It will, indirectly. Every author will try to add gems to their stories in hopes of reaching this threshold.
But it’s pretty clear that bigger stories will earn more gems than smaller ones, and that many readers don’t bother reading community stories with gem choices. so.

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Thank you for the reassurance :smiley: :+1:t5:

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I don’t agree with this… this update doesn’t regard the trending section, only the payment program. Even so, there are still lots of opportunities for small authors to trend.

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it does have an indirect impact. As I said, since every author is now lowkey forced to add gems to their stories, and that community stories have a history of being discarded by readers if they have gem choices, that situation will only get worse. Meaning community stories by smaller authors will have a much harder time. But that’s just what I’ve observed over the last 5 years, maybe it won’t affect the trending section but I highly doubt it.


Overall, I think this is just another way for Episode to really cement gem choices into community stories, in case changing the ranking system wasn’t enough, and maybe “let go” of some writers that don’t meet the new gem requirements or maybe give these authors that qualify for the reads part of the requirements a “little nudge” towards adding gem choices.

I don’t expect any of my stories to ever meet the requirements for the writers payment program since I don’t think the type of stories I write adhere to what the majority of readers on this app particularly like to read. I do feel bad for authors who are just so close to meeting the previous requirements just for Episode to bump the gem requirements up from 300 to 50k.


Wait you want us to make readers spend 7300 dollers on our story, before you let US earn money. Thats insane

Please tell me my math is wrong

Its 50k devied by 1000 its 50, so you have to buy 50 packs of the 1000 bundle. Since that is the biggest pack. In Danish store thats 899kr, converted to dollers its 146. So 146 x 50 is 7300

At this point they might as Well remove it. I am not gonna blead my readers dry for all their money.


I would say it depends how you choose to implement gem choices in your story.

If you use them similar to featured stories, where the “right” choice costs gems, it’ll probably frustrate readers.

I think many community authors have done a good job making gem choices as “extra” content: bonus scenes, point upgrades, scene upgrades etc.


And episode is doing everything to make stories without gem Choices not be famous. For example if an author has let’s say 60k reads and each gem choice is 8 gems and let’s say 30% of the readers chose the gem option. It’s still nowhere near the episode payment program.

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I do agree with that. But still, many of my friends got Dm’s saying “why do we have to use gems to read this scene? Can we get it for free?” so… idk this gems thing is a mess…


People still have over two months to reach the previous points necessary to unlock payments. If anyone is close to do it, they’ll do it.


:point_right: And Episode will forever be just a hobby :point_left:


But then it’ll just be a matter of our luck and timing :joy: If we started out yesterday then we get better results, if we start out tomorrow, we get don’t get good results? But good luck to the authors tryna unlock the payment program :blob_hearts: