Writer Payments: Changes to the Qualifying Criteria

Correct, if you only have gem choices that are 5 gems, you would need only 1/10 of your readers to make a gem choice.


:rofl::rofl: Literally just read your comment then cherub lol.

I’m cool with the revelation myself.


My dad works in IT!

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Oh okie. I get it. But the point I’m tryna make here is this updated system is a little sad for small authors. To get Soo many reads in 60 days sounds hard. But anyways, I wish everyone good luck :blob_hearts:
I hope all of y’all get the appreciation you need :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bye everybodi :full_moon_with_face::eye:

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I understand . But it is going to be extremely hard for small authors like me. It would be nice to earn money from episode but for new authors its going to be hard. But I already have a full time job that I love but it is nice to add more income on to that. But I understand Episode is a business and it already favors big authors as it is. And I know you wont get money immediately this will take time. It might be a year or two before you even unlock payment. But again it is a business and you need to treat as such. It will be harder but try to update weekly at least since that will help for sure. I do have friends who haver over 1m reads so it does help them but not really me. So before you say its unfair this is a business and you need to work hard for reads just as they have.


The harsh truth is…
If you are unable to meet these numbers within 60 days, then quite honestly the payment program will not be lucrative for you.
I don’t think people understand how little the program actually pays unless you are bringing in large volumes of reads every month.


Oh man… Bummer :frowning:

They rely on author’s to make actually good stories. And then sometimes they want to feature them, which actually low-key ruins the story if it’s an episode official story then.


Right?! The worst they did was to I Married A Millionaire by @ earlgrey.episode
The original one was so beautiful and the featured one is coughcoughBAdcoughcough


That was exactly my point. I think people don’t realize how very little the writer payment program actually pays.


No. Once you unlock Writer Payments you are paid based on the number of reads you earn (and gems players use in your story, if applicable).


I think that’s illegal and morally unethical.


Lol I have one with over 100% retention.
But the reads for that story are very low (it’s a short complete story and has been complete for like 3 years) so it doesn’t really help me much lol

Anyway… I’m in payments so this system doesn’t impact me but I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan of the whole gem choice thing in general because I feel like we’re all being pushed to become salespeople. I get that Episode needs to make money (I get the logic as well- “sell” more and get paid more for people in payments), but the “free” user stories were always a highlight. I don’t think anyone should be penalised (in rankings or otherwise) for wanting to keep their stories completely free. I have no issue with the bonus being impacted personally since it’s like a commission in a way.
50,000 gems sold is a lot, especially when these authors aren’t going to see a cent until they actually qualify.

To be fair though, I don’t think the payment program has ever been to help smaller authors. It was always just meant to be a “bonus” for high-performing authors. Not something for everyone. And honestly, a “small” author without many reads wouldn’t make much at all to the extent that it could literally take you months or even years before you saw any of that money.


That is not correct in my opinion
100k reads per some time can be done by a rather small group of readers.

If you have a finished story with 50 chapters - it’s 2000 new readers who will read all chapters to make it 100 000 reads.

So in this case each reader must make minimally 5 gem choices (each costing 5 gems) during his reading of the whole story to get to the 50 000K.

But there are many readers who do not pay gem choices at all either from principle to not spend money on games or simply because these are kids who do not have money for it…so lets say 50% of your readers actually do not pay.

That means the rest must each make 10 gem choices (one per 5 gems) during the 50 chapters of your story.

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The toxicity and arrogance is what is really bothering me the most. Saying that people are expecting handouts and want everything easy !!! The audacity to say that someone hasn’t succeeded because their story is not good enough or that they have not tried hard enough is absolutely mind boggling. Someone actually said that they were laughing at the complaints and mentioned people having a hard time with the math aspect of calculating how to meet the 50k :gem: criteria!!! :flushed:


Ikr, unbelievable lol… idk where the insensitivity is coming from, like, episode has updated its payments program to make it harder for authors to receive payments. & authors who we’re almost there r now soon to b not… almost there. So, I’m confused as to y ppl r surprised that authors r upset abt this, bc they have every right to b upset about it becoming more difficult to b payed bc for sum, payments r helpful for motivation + financially obviously rather helpful… sometimes ppl r so insensitive lol :sweat_smile:


You know… I find that there are some people that like to look down on others because they don’t think :thinking: or share the same feelings. They want to feel better than other people for whatever reason. These same people try to talk about how other people need to get off their high horse and work harder… when in fact this person is looking down on others whilst sitting on their “ High Horse “. :woman_facepalming:t4: There is absolutely zero respect shown for other people’s feelings , and it is offensive, it is arrogant and there really should not be any place here to display that type of behavior towards other people who are trying to voice their opinions respectfully and have their voices heard.

People are feeling disheartened, silenced and above all else… there is an overall feeling of not counting or feeling as if their contributions do not matter when it comes to the bigger picture pertaining to Episode. Everyone wants to feel included and know that their work is appreciated and accepted. There are plenty of people that want to qualify for the writers program and start earning royalties for their work. It is not so much the fact that once you get into the writers program you don’t necessarily make a whole lot of money. That is completely separate from wanting to achieve the goal of qualifying for the program and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks necessary to take in order to reach the qualification pinnacle. And with these new qualifications getting ready to take place, those who thought they were close to making it are realizing that they have more deadlines to make and potentially additional challenges to overcome. THAT is the issue. The fact of the matter is this… people that are already in the program do not have that feeling of disappointment or being disheartened because of the changes per say. Yes I am certain that their is pressure to remain in the program regardless of what size author you are … of course. But even so, if they do feel pressure or feel disappointed, it is not the same as an author that has never unlocked the payment program before.

As @S.Anne said so beautifully…

If we can at least try to remain respectful of one another opposed to implying fault in those who have not yet been able to achieve the goal of unlocking the writers program… that would be helpful.

I appreciate the advice that some of the authors who have unlocked the program have shared, and I also understand that everyone will not be able to achieve these same goals as some of you have already done.

But some of the antagonistic rhetoric is not necessary and it is really in poor taste when there are many people that are trying to find their footing in the ever changing world of Episode!


Thank you so much!! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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