Writer Payments polls

Hello all!

I’d like to ask a question to the writers on the Episode app/forums and their journey to getting into the writer’s payment program!

Have you unlocked writers payment?
  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think it’s hard to unlock payments?
  • yes
  • no

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I’d really appreciate it if y’all can answer, and you are all free to comment something below as well :heart:

With the introduction of having gems as a requirement to get into the payment program, I find it really difficult, it was before but I feel like there’s only about 1% of writers who actually do, perhaps even less.

I’ve given up hope that I’d be able to make it, because people complain when gem choices are added yet that’s the only way to get anywhere on the app.

Definitely not easy, but possible.
I’m getting closer and closer every day. I do wish that episode would let us see 60 days back, so we knew just how many gems/reads we lose every day.