Writer payments


How do I know, how I can receive episode payments, if I live in a country like, for example Georgia or Armenia. What do I need to know about payment transition. Please tell me if you know.


if you live in those places yu would get an email or do online purchases


From the payment section:

I’m an international writer (not from the United States). Am I eligible?

If you meet the program’s criteria then yes, you’re still eligible to participate!

I’m not sure if any countries are currently excluded (none are mentioned and under the payment section, it says global so I’m guessing not?). There is a minimum payment limit that varies based on your payment method (as in you need to be owed a certain amount before you get your money, but it accumulates until you have enough). Depending on where you live, only certain payment methods will be available to you.


I’m pretty sure everyone would be eligible for it but you need at least 500,000 reads and to be 18 years old or older.
There is a section in the payment FAQ, "Do I qualify for the writer payments program? "
There is a link as well and it could tell you.


500k in 2 months or 100k gem reads (plus 300 choices purchased) in 2 months.
I don’t think you actually meant to reply to me though? lol


I need to know the same thing. I get paid in 2 months, and I don’t know how the writer payments work. I am so confused.


What do you need to know?
If you’re 18+ AND have earned the correct amount of reads (in the correct time period), you’ll be able to sign up.


I’m going to be 18 in September. I know the stipulations, but I feel like Episode should explain more about it.


Have you read the FAQ in the payment section?

To qualify and enter the program you need to:

Have published at least one story on the Episode platform
Have accumulated a total of at least 500,000 general chapter reads OR 100,000 gem chapter reads and 300 gem choices selected across all of your published stories in the last 60 days.
Be 18 years old or older

That seems reasonably clear to me? When you qualify the portal automatically “unlocks” :slight_smile: so you don’t need to contact anyone if that’s what you were unsure about.

I believe all the “how you’re paid” questions are answered in the FAQ as well? When you sign up, you get to choose a payment method (not all methods are available in all countries).


I know about those stipulations. What I am confused about is how would I know how much money I will receive, and how frequently will I get paid.


The rate varies per month.
Monthly, unless you don’t earn the minimum threshold amount based on your payment method.

I don’t think Episode mentions those things as they’re probably not really important unless you actually get into the program :woman_shrugging:


Okay well. I guess I have to wait till it unlocks in two months for me :slight_smile: I am not writing on the Episode platform for money, I was curious about the writer payments.


It only unlocks if you’ve met the read requirement. Have you? In which case I think it should have unlocked already as you can accumulate $$ until you turn 18 I believe :slight_smile:


No unfortunately, I haven’t met the read requirement :frowning: It’s hard to earn those amounts of reads in that amount of time. I am trying my best to earn that amount of reads, and it’s a bit frustrating.


Ah k well the payments don’t automatically unlock when you turn 18. I don’t think it matters what age you are for it to unlock, you just can’t receive the money until you’re 18. (I could be wrong, I’m just pretty sure I read somewhere that it accumulates.)

And I completely understand the frustration lol. I think a lot of people can sympathise. 500k in two months is definitely not easy!


I think they do unlock when a person turns 18. But yes, it is heard to get that many reads. I’m only at 862 reads :frowning: I am NOWHERE near 500k.


They don’t. They only unlock when you have the reads. (I’m well over 18 and they weren’t instantly unlocked for me haha.) Otherwise, loads of people would be in the program!


Are you kidding me? Well I’m stuck between a rock in a hard place right now.


When you click the payments tab, you can see the amount of reads you’ve earned right? It doesn’t matter what your age is. That won’t “unlock” until you hit one of the two targets (500k or 100k gem reads).
You just need to keep publishing and writing and improving :slight_smile: I honestly think that sometimes a little luck is involved so you might get lucky.
Remember, not many people are in the program, even the ones that have been writing for a couple of years. It’s not easy to do.


I know, I know :frowning: Well I’m just gonna have to be on my A game for the next two and half months. I just need a bit of help though.