Writer Portal Bugs

I’ve encountered several bugs while trying to direct my story in the last couple of days. Listed below:

  1. Used an overlay, wanted to clear it. It didn’t work, so I just set the opacity to 0. Didn’t work, so I deleted the overlay completely from the scene and it was still there, stuck. To solve this I had to start a whole new scene that looked exactly the same without the overlay. Frustrating.
  2. Every time I change a character’s spot in the script using the preview, an error appears in the previewer and I can only use it if I reload the page.
  3. My character appears on the screen where she shouldn’t be. I used the preview to position her, copy-pasted the coordinates and saved but she doesn’t budge.
    I got mad and completely removed her from the scene- SHE IS STILL THERE! I can’t do anything about this and it messes up my scene since she’s supposed to be hidden.

Please fix this problem, I somehow managed with the first two bugs but the last one just doesn’t work!

Sorry to hear that all this has happened. Please submit a ticket regarding these issues to our support team and they would be more than happy to help. Thanks!

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