Writer portal errors

Does anyone have this problem with the episode portal doesn’t work properly? It keeps popping up Aw, snap! I’ve tried restarted my laptop and chrome or refresh it and even tried used the incognito window but non of this work , I tried other websites that’s fine only episode page getting error, how could I write when this keeps crashing?

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use puffin browser. I already encountered this problem and this browser helped me.


What is puffin bowser? Chrome doesn’t work anymore?

It takes some time. Clear cookies and check if your chrome updated to latest version.
Use puffin its good too.

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Does puffin insecure? Safe?

It is safe. If you don’t feel comfortable don’t install that app. Wait for your chrome browser to respond. :grin:

Close the Chrome browser, and then press “Windows-E” on the keyboard to launch Windows Explorer.

Enter “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data” (without quotes) in the address bar at the top of the window.

Find the folder named “Default” in the window that opens, right-click the folder and select “Rename.” Name the folder “Backup Default” (without quotes).

Launch Chrome and try to load the Web page again.

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OK, I’ll try thank you!

Hey loves. I have a question for you all. When I go to preview my work it plays up until a certain point and then an error code 67 pops up above the preview, but the sounds and music is still playing in the background how do I fix this problem? Please help.

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This happened to me before I just shut down my laptop, refreshed and tried again.

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@AMagic Thanks love this helped. I think I was having this problem too because I wanted to add a quick little scene before transitioning to the next but with transitions back to back I think it was freezing my computer.

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