Writer portal freeze

page freeze all the time :hot_face:


I know it’s annoying. Everyone is experiencing it.


Its usually due to slow internet or slow PC (or both)

My portal was extremly laggy. Now I have new notebook and it is 100% better.

same i hate it so much!

I dont knowww. I have pretty good computer and internet, and is still happening for me as well. :thinking::thinking:
And only started the past two weeks.

Does the webpage matter?

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Well I know that some browisers had some problems but dunno really how much it affect the freezing. I use chrome and mozzila both work fine

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That’s not true at all. My computer is very fast, but since episode released the plus sized body types and did that portal update, they never fixed the bugs so that’s why we are dealing with the lags.

Well I have new PC for a week and have no problem in the writers portal. If it is not PC than what would it be that as I am not experiencing any problems at portal?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

my laptop is fine i try another one still slow

Moved to Report a Bug Writer’s Portal. @inez001 please let the support team know about this issue via help ticket :smiley:

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I give up. Page freezes always error when i write a code. Screen iT

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Maybe try restarting your laptop, reload all your tabs, use a different browser or remove some of your tabs? I’m not sure…


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Was it before working normally for you?

mine did this all the time. I used to use microsoft edge but now i use firefox and it’s so much better. Maybe try that?


much better then chrome thx

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Been freezing for me too for the past week, tried different browsers and all the same.

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your welcome :slight_smile:

but when i open animations or backgrounds its getting slow again

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oh. Mines doing that now aswell and my web portal won’t even load at all :woozy_face:. I’m not sure what else to do ah x

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I switch back to Chrome changed my story more text less moving how more animations how more iT stucks episode need to fix this