Writer Portal not Loading!

My writers portal is not fully loading. It only opens to the page where it shows the buttons for “New Story” “Continue Story” and “Manage stories”. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, but it’s still not working. I even tried creating a new story and it doesn’t even load to the full page. I went to Microsoft Edge and it said the “website could not be reached”. I even turned the wifi off and back on. Might anyone have a clue on what’s going on or can help me with this issue? Please and thank you.


Mine isn’t working as well… I’m not sure what is going on either. I tried exiting the page, turning my wifi off - I’ve even restarted my browser. I hope this can be fixed soon.

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Mine started working. I turned off my computer for a few minutes. I turned it back on and reopened Google Chrome and it started working. Try restarting or completely turn off the computer for a few minutes. I hope this works. :slightly_smiling_face: