Writer Portal Not Loading


Everytime I try to preview my story, It wont load.
I’ve tried shutting my internet off, exiting the web.
I also tried shutting my computer off and logging in and out.
It was working fine up until like 15 minutes ago.

I was on a roll with my next chapter too. :disappointed_relieved:


Are you using Google Chrome as the browser?


Yes I am.


Does it show you an error message or is the box just blank?


The box is just blank.


SAME thing happening to me!


Hopefully it’ll start working again. :grin:


Yeah! I am almost ready to post my first story but I can’t preview itttt


Phew, thought I was the only one :sweat_smile:


ME too :slight_smile:


I know the app recently updated, today for me, so I don’t know if that correlates with what’s going on :thinking:


same! it’s so slow and nothing else is. ughhh.


If these problem persist, I suggest you submit a ticket to Episode and receive further instruction.


I’m having the same problem! I started freaking out. I was just about to do some spot directing and publish my next chapter too :persevere:


Haha me too, I literally just started to spot my last scene and when I went to preview, it didn’t work. :disappointed:


I don’t know if yours is working but I got my script to at least show up properly :smiley:


My script shows up, just not the preview box. :disappointed:


Hopefully that gets fixed next!


I very much agree! It downloads about half the data, then stops.
That’s more than it was doing before. :grin::grin::grin:


My episode page gets really slow and it won’t let me see the review portal, so I can’t write at all :frowning: