Writer Portal Previewer/Story Previewer Update: Directing Helpers

Is anyone else experiencing disobedient overlays?! I code them to a certain scale and coordinates and it just… won’t lmao. :frowning:

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Hey All!

Our team has just released a fix that will address this missing assets issues, along with having all of the buttons on the character layering tool function properly with your characters.

If you’re continuing to have issues with the Writer Portal, please DM me the info or file a support ticket!


I was having this same issue! No background, no clothes, and my characters had no hair or noses. I’m like, WTF Episode!?

LOVE the new zoning tool!!! The new interface will take a bit of getting used to, but I’m excited for the ease of use!


I have a similar problem with overlays… For example: my blush overlay is not pink but black… :unamused:

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Is it still showing?

For some reason, this only just showed up on my writer’s portal?? This is pretty cool though, I’ve had no issues as of yet but I will say I’m very used to the old version so it’s a bit confusing for me to use but I’m sure I’ll get used to it


@Melani3 has the Add Colorful Layer(s) feature/button been removed with this update?


Did it have any function at all? :scream:

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Yes, when you were previewing tappable overlays, it would highlight the space of an overlay. Very helpful when you were using overlays with a lot of transparent space and such because you could make sure they wouldn’t overlap


Oh, that yes. But I didn’t even figure that out. :smiley:

There are many other not functionable features of previewer, at least I don’t know them :expressionless:

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These are exceptionally helpful. Maybe in the future we can get a helper in the story editor to move from zone to zone, instead of having to go into the writer portal and typing “pan to zone 2” or “cut to zone 2”. That way we can do most of our editing and spotting in one shot, especially when you’re creating a party scene with a bunch of background characters.


Uncomfortable to use. From characters to go out, get into the camera. Return the previous one. Or you can change it !!

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This update has really screwed up my story. On top of previewer now freezing ALL THE TIME, all of my spots are now messed up. I used a lot of negative or really high numbers to place them off the screen and now it’s got them in completely different zones walking to random places. So now I can’t even replace them where I need them to be because I cannot use spot directing without it freezing!!


ME TOO!! My story was ready to publish until that dang update!


You have to fix it. Why when I have to direct the speech bubble cannot simply continue the dialogue. Why every second go out and go in again

I’m just wondering if since this update, people have gotten their overlay appearance problems fixed and if so, how? :eyes:


and to add routing to the overlay tools. and way the opacity doesn’t work at the app?

Please. It’s so annoying. Every second go out to fix the speech bubble. That it will continue the dialogue without leaving. Also about the camera and everything that could be continued with the helpers on

pleazzzzzzzzzzz it would be very good :grimacing: