Writer portal slowing down

I’ve been playing Episode for over 1 year so I am not new to Episode. But recently I’ve decided to start creating my own stories and I could see the obstacles coming right up!

First : The script formats and other directing tips are new to me
(This has been resolved to a certain point thanks to Episode notes and Dara but I can’t say that I’ve mastered everything)

Secondly, the animations of the limelight character.
I find it challenging to easily preview and choose the exact animations I want to use due to certain problems that will be mentioned below. So I have to memorise some animations but I don’t find it convenient for always.

Last but not least, the writer portal slow down.
It takes forever to preview the script, animations and to name a few.
Plus, Ive to wait sooo unbearably longg to edit characters and make outfits.
And sometimes when I’m unlucky, I don’t even get access to the story’s script. It keeps loading for so long but nth comes up. Finally it leads to frustration and drains my energy for nth

I always check my internet connection whenever it happens but seeing other websites work perfectly and give easy and quick access compared to the portal, I think it has nth to do with the connection. I try switching the browser but the issue remains unchanged.

I’ve just sent a ticket to Episode and hopefully they could fix that bug
If you guys have had the same problems as mine, feel free to share me your tips and tricks or stuff like that
I’d appreciate it very much. Thanks :sparkles:


what browser are you using?

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also, welcome to the forums :blob_hearts:

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I use Chrome as my default browser and it has always been the fastest one ever

Thanks :two_hearts:

I use chrome as well with no major issues (and my internet sucks due to the rural area I live in)… The only major issue I have had is the sound will delay at bit.

Perhaps you should try clearing the cache on your device. This usually speeds EVERYTHING up. If you do, make sure you select it to be cleared for a longer back-date than the auto setting which, if you have one, is usually only set to backdate for the last 7 days or less. To keep everything running as quickly as possible, clear your cache as often as possible. This will help “unclog” your invisible & imaginary “data pipes.”

I hope this helps!

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing -SP


Thanks for your fantastic advice. :pleading_face::sparkles: I’ll try it.

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You are very welcome! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: -SP

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I’ve tried as you said and it worked!! :sparkles::sparkles:
No glitches anymore and now I can write my story peacefully. Thanks again :heartbeat:


I am so happy to hear this worked for you :slight_smile: and very happy I could help!

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing! -SP

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