Writer Portal Update: Larger Script Sizes Now Live to All Writers!

Hey Episodians!

Today we’ve got several updates which will help make writing stories faster and easier!

Automated Character Creation

Creating characters can take a lot of time, especially when you want to create a lot of unique looking background characters.

Now, you can create characters without having to leave your script! Just add and save your script with any new characters that have not yet been created and you’ll see our automated character creator pop-up.

If you choose the “Randomizer”, then you will then get a bunch of really awesome unique characters like these created for you instantly (don’t worry – if you don’t like the characters you get initially, you can retry each character until they’re just right! ).

If you choose the “Stock Characters”, those will be based on the templates you see when you go to the character editor to create a new character.

If you just misspelled a name, use the Skip function! This will leave your error as is, and let you correct it after the script finishes saving.

Note that this currently works for Ink and Limelight; because Classic is an older and different tech than our newer styles, we unfortunately ran into a lot of complications trying to get it to work.

Continue Writing WHILE Saving

Waiting for your script to save before you can keep working used to take a lot of time but now you can continue to edit while your script saves!


We’ve also added a shortcut so you can save and preview without having to move your mouse! Just click “cmd/ctrl + Shift + S” in the script editor and your script will save and load a preview.

Web Previewer Update

And last but not least, we have updated the Web Previewer so you can now view the gem choice for your stories without needing to use a device.

You may have also noticed that the Web Previewer now has volume controls!


So you can now adjust the volume or even mute your preview.

Larger Scripts: now LIVE to everyone!

In our last post we mentioned rolling out a system to allow you to save longer scripts. Well, that is now live to everyone!

We’re excited to get these released to you and would love to hear your thoughts below. :point_down:


OMG I TOTALLY love it :sob::sob::sob:

omg! YAY!!!

YASSS I love thiss ugh this is going to make writing so much easier!

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Yaaaas tysmm :smile:

Thank you! You guys are awesome! :grin::grin:

What’s the new line limit for “larger scripts”? Before it was around 10,000-12,000, so now is it something like 20,000-30,000?

Also, is the randomizer just for creating new characters in the script? Or can we also use the randomizer when we create our characters through the Character tab?


It dosen’t give me character

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You have to type a characters name in the script that you haven’t already created and hit save then it will give the option to create a character you can either hit stock or randomizer.

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I did that but it didn’t work

Did you hit continue after you tried to create a character in your script?

no it dosen’t show up it give me a warning

Try creating writing a characters name in the script and write entering into a room. After that see if it allows you to create the character.

no it dosen’t

Okay I’m going to try something and see what happens on my end with creating a character and see if it works. If it does I’ll walk you through it again.

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Does this show up when you try to create a character in your script?

Best update ever. I got so happy when I logged in this morning and saw all these changes:D :smiley::smiley::smiley::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:

Only in the script from what I’m seeing. It would be cool to have it in the tab too :smiley:

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:raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5: All of my problems are being solved

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I foresee a problem with the random character creator especially when it comes to cultural appropriation.