Writer Portal Update: Larger Script Sizes Now Live to All Writers!


I foresee a problem with the random character creator especially when it comes to cultural appropriation.


What about the speech bubbles update?


I love every single one of these updates


I can’t wait to use this, thank you this will save me so much time!


Thank you for this! I wanted a randomizer all my life :grin:


I love all of this new stuff!

Just a question, I opened the portal this morning to work on my Limelight story, and I noticed there was now a “Script Template” thing at the side. It only has “script1” in it. It isn’t really a proper template because it just has backgrounds and animations, whereas for Ink there are customisation, kissing, crowd etc. animations. I was just wondering if I was meant to be able to see the script templates or not yet?


Oh my god! YESSSSS!


when I tried to view “script1”, it showed me a picture of a dog…? maybe they put “script templates” by accident


I’m also having the same issues just like yours :sweat_smile:

Maybe there are some of technical problem or something.


Yass, thank you Episode


Hahahaha omg that’s adorable! And I have the same thing.


Well done to you @Episode! Pretty sure every author is loving these amazing updates! :smile:


I had the dog too! But when I added the template to my script I didn’t really see the point of it…


psst… I loved hit and run!




Thank u so much Episode!


I love it, because now I don’t need to spend time making characters!


Thank you both so much =D


Same! :sweat_smile:


are you telling me i no longer have to personally create every single background character for my story?