Writer Portal Update: Larger Script Sizes Now Live to All Writers!


hi um i tried to use my character creation in my script and its not working it says error something :anguished:


Thats what its suppose to say then a screen pops up


This is so helpful! Thanks u guys!!!


Thank you very much


Yay this is so great!


Just curious, does this only apply to scripts written in INK?
I maxed out one of my episodes (in Limelight + spotlight) at 8800 lines (before the update) and one of my episodes (Limelight) at 7500 (before the update).
I’m playing around with my Limelight +spotlight story now, and I can’t squeeze any more in?

Edit: I got roughly an extra 1200 lines… so I guess it’s increased lol.


I already have the volume button but why don’t I have the new speechbubbles and the auto saver in the portal?


That’s not out yet unless you were chosen to be a tester. You’ll have to wait for that to roll out, people who were testers end up having the new speechbubbles. As far as the auto save, you have to press ctrl+shift +s


Yeah I didn’t realize that they were just beta testing the new speech bubbles. How did people get picked by the way? I did like the new feature with the random character creator. I still had to change a few of them, but it was a lot easier to change one or two things than to have to create a character from scratch.


i’m curious on that too


@/episodecreators posted a signup link on Instagram for people who wanted to be beta testers. I believe they took the first 100?


Oh I must have missed that post. Thank you for explaining.


big sigh i love how it’s larger but mine are still way too long :joy::joy::sob::sob: i have like 483294 different paths based on choices the reader picks, and i’m adding even more… idk how i’m gonna write the next few chapters with all these different paths and fit the limit while making sure all chapters in every path are at least 6 minutes. rip me !!!


I love the Automated Character Creation XD
Now only if there was an Automated Outift Creator lol, that would be awesome!
P.S thank you for these updates : )


Automated Outfits are a great idea. Did you do one of those posts (forgot what they are called) to try to promote it and let Episode know about it on the forums?


Is there a way to access the automated character creation feature manually? It’s not popping up on my script :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Test it on your phone


So damn helpful. THANK YOU PEOPLE


I did, there’s still no automated character creation for the characters that don’t exist in the script.


do something like

@BGWOMAN6 stands…
use someone that’s not been created and it should pop up