Writer Portal Update: Shortcuts, Zone Scrolling and more! (Week of July 19, 2023)

Hello Episode Authors!

We’ve been working on developing new features to make it easier for you as creators to tell your stories and we’re excited to share some updates with you!

We’re excited to announce the following features are now LIVE on episodeinteractive.com:

:keyboard: [Beta] Customizable shortcuts :keyboard:

  • This feature will replace the pre-set keyboard shortcuts previously released in May. You can now choose from a set of common defaults or map your own code snippets to shortcuts!
  • Make sure to visit Episode to set your shortcuts (the old snippets have been carried over, but you must visit that page first)


:movie_camera: Zone Scrolling :movie_camera:

  • We’ve rolled back the ability to scroll across zones in the Camera Focus tool while we reconsider the design of the feature.
  • We’ve heard your feedback that there’s been unexpected bugs with the feature.
  • If you love it, you can still access it at this location for the time being. If you love the free zone scrolling, please let us know!

:shopping: Outfit Editor Updates :shopping:

  • Theme Tags – We’ve added new theme tags to help you find thematic clothing!

  • We’ve alphabetized the sub-categories of Clothing Types and Colors

  • Bags have been added as a sub-category of Accessories

:desktop_computer: Copy Stage/Spotting improvements for Characters + Overlays :desktop_computer:

  • Copy Stage now includes the zone placements for characters
  • We’ve revamped the Copy/Copy Stage section under the Previewer
    • Character Spot Placement copy boxes now include:
      • Standard character placement
      • A “walks to” copy block
      • Spot placement in zone alone (can be pasted after @CHARACTER)

  • Overlay Spot Placement copy boxes now include:
    • All lines of code for overlay placement (create, shift, scale, rotation, layer, opacity)
    • Separate copy boxes for shifts and scale commands
      • Shift block
      • Scale block
    • Can be pasted after BACKGROUND

PS: Thanks to everyone reporting the missing animation autocompletes. We know there are a few autocomplete errors and we’re currently following up on them!

Update: We’ve released fixes for the missing animation autocompletes and the highlighting. Thank you for your feedback and patience along the way :yellow_heart:




thanks, it’s a good update but please fix the animations, they no longer appear when you code and i don’t know the name of the all animations, i have to look for them in Animations By Character.:sob:


Yes please @Liz we need them back :pray:t5: :cry:


I think these things will help us a lot!

I personally love zooming throughout the zones as it really helps with spot directing, but the negative numbers never worked and 4 digit coordinates doesn’t work too, so probably these are two of the mistakes that needs fixing.


You can still do it on the app.

I still do it on portal and it works so I’m safe for now. :see_no_evil:


Thank you for allowing the zooming-through zones again :pray: :heart: I personally never had any issues with it and it made zooming so much easier.

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This is so helpful!

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while i (and i’m sure everyone else) appreciate the hard work that went into this, would it be possible to get back the animations list as you code (the drop-down options)? unless that’s an error and it wasn’t supposed to disappear, either way, i’d appreciate having it back :sweat_smile:

and i for one loved the free zone scrolling, although it was a bit buggy with the negative numbers at times. (but even still, it could be fixed EASILY on my end) i’d love to see it come back! i also love the tagging clothes feature! :clap:t2:


It doesn’t work for me anymore, except I use my phone.

I mean, thanks for new things and trying to come up with new solutions, that’s nice.

Let’s be real, the free zoom was the best option, so if you can give it back to us as soon as possible, that would be awesome. (You can still deal with it; just remember that you can’t use the negative one. Many people got used to it very quickly, and it was amazing update for coding.

Plus, like mentioned above (and also in the other posts as well), we need the list of animations that appear when we code. It’s easier and more convenient to have it there rather than going to the list of animations on the right side, typing or scrolling there. I don’t know if it’s a bug because of new things, but imo it’s the first thing to fix.


Thanks so much for the new update with these different features @Liz & @Tory they definitely will help out authors .
But if you can please fix it where if your about to type a animation in the script and it suggests animations with that word in it that would be great . As well as make it where we can zoom anywhere but won’t get the negative that would be really helpful as well .


I guess this update was to assist new coders or give coders a couple shortcuts. But it’s kind of confusing and the overlay copy and pastes don’t seem to work (for me) when using the ui commands.

And the animation shortcut was such a time saver. Could you guys possibly add it back? :face_holding_back_tears:

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By the way, I don’t know if it’s just my script because I haven’t seen anyone else say anything about it, but when I code dialogue the characters’ names and their action don’t light up blue and green anymore it’s just black. If it was part of the update, although it’s not a huge issue, it would be nice to have that back. I liked how it looked cause it let you know where dialogue was in the script. Thank you for all of the updates though, I like the changes happening.


Also, the choice brackets won’t close for me. the arrow goes red like it would before if there was an issue, but I’ve made sure there wasn’t.

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Thanks for pointing this out! We’re looking into it now.

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I think we can all get used to the changes except for the part where there is no longer a drop-down list of animations when typing out starts/is animation_name_loop. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t know the proper animation names off the top of my head and using the “Animations by Character” drop down is just a huge amount of extra time going back and forth between typing code and looking for animation names.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible.
Also, the font size inside the new spot direction/directing boxes are far too small compared to how they were and for visually challenged people like me, this sucks. If they could just up it a few points in scale, it would make a huge difference.


@Liz, I noticed you’ve linked the free focus version of the web previewer. On mobile, focusing freely and focusing within a zone are separated. Is it possible that this feature could make its way to the web previewer?

Edit: Oh, I see that this is the case in the link provided!

Yes, the love I have for this feature is monumental! :sob:


I don’t know what are you all talking about because for me everything works. :sweat_smile: I guess portal somehow loves me too much :rofl: :joy:

But hope all errors get sorted out. Especially the ones from old old times.

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