Writer Portal Update: Visual Character Editor


Hello again creators!

We know that finding the right look for your characters can be difficult, especially when you can’t see what things look like before selecting them.

And those big scroll menus :scream: can make finding what you’re looking for even more difficult!

So to make things easier…

We are introducing the new fully visual character editor!!!

You will now be able to see styles and colors as thumbnails before applying them to your character!

Selecting a style will show all the colors available for that style.

To find a specific style even faster you can search for it by name using the search bar (searching by colors coming soon!)

With this update, we’ve imported the background color picker, and the character rotator that you’ve already seen on the outfit editor page.

But that’s not all!

We’re REALLY excited to announce the brand new zoom control – now you can get a better look at your character when you’re trying out various facial features!

Or use zoom and rotate together to get a better look at the back of a hairstyle!

Hopefully, this feature makes your story Ink and Limelight creation experience easier and more efficient. Happy writing!

With love,

The Episode Team

Update Regarding Questions Around Classic:
While we would love to implement this tool for Classic, we’re unfortunately not going to be able to implement this. We tried to get this to work when we were building it, but the technical differences between the styles didn’t work out to what we’d hoped for. We’ll be sure to be more clear next time of which styles these features will be available for. Sorry for the confusion this caused!

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thank you


Do we get to see the name of the colour? That’s on the mobile creator and I’m not sure what the colour names are or if I have the right one :thinking:

Say if I had dark brown hair, I’d end up picking Light Brown hair on this. :persevere: Could we get colour names when we select the colour?


This definitely made creating characters a whole lot easier and faster. Thank you!


This is some of the best news ever. It will make creating much easier, so thank you!
BTW, I noticed some INK features and colours are still missing. Will they be included as well? :blush:


I hope so tbh :persevere:




You can see the names by hovering your mouse over the colours.


wait does it work for ink too?


This is a dream come true​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Yup! Seen it for myself.


Well this cured my depression!


Finally!!! Thank you so much Episode!! :heart::tada:


Love it!!! Does happy dance. Lol


i just saw it and was sooo shook! thank you SOOOO much.




Wow! This feature is so helpful and will save lots of time. Sadly, I’m writing in Classic, and it seems Classic isn’t getting this since upgrades for it stopped a long time ago…




Ugh it’s so beautiful :’-)


I love it actually. It makes everything quick and easy. Thanks Episode