Writer Portal Update: Week of August 8, 2023

Hello Episode Authors!

We’re excited to announce the following features are now LIVE on episodeinteractive.com:

:movie_camera: Zone Scrolling :movie_camera:

  • We’ve heard you, and we’ve brought back multi-zone scrolling :wink:
  • We’ve added an additional Focus within Zone option for any writers who prefer the older style of focusing

:pencil2:Autocomplete Updates:pencil2:

  • We’ve addressed the bugs around autocomplete and added some more functionality!
    • Lowercase “and” and “then” are now correctly recognized by the autocomplete
    • Fixed bug causing frozen autocomplete boxes
    • Arrow keys can be used to navigate the autocomplete dropdowns
  • You can also hit Ctrl + Space to bring up the base snippet suggestions for choices, if statements, and sound/music

:desktop_computer: Copy/Spotting Updates :desktop_computer:

  • We’ve added a new “Flip Char” option in Spot Directing
  • Copy boxes for characters and the Copy Stage function now include character facing direction
  • Fixed bug causing multi-word character names to be cut off in the Copy box

Yess! 🫶🏾

Now these are the real highlights! :heart_eyes:


Woohoo thx so much !!

Great to hear that there are many fixes and we got some new things as well. Gonna check them out soon! :>

Thank you episodee!!

Maybe you’re using the


in your script instead of the regular shifts and scales

Nope, I literally just copied and pasted it from the boxes. Including shifts and scales and it’s coming up as an error.

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@Liz I wonder because I saw in the copy stage for overlays this @overlay XXX rotates 0 anchor point 0 0
Does it mean we will get the rotating function in the portal as well?
(If we got it and I’m blind, then excuse me, because I don’t see it, so someone can point it to me.)

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already used it it’s super useful. can’t wait to check the rest out


Yessss! Thank you for this!


This is awesome :slight_smile:


How did I miss this update?!! I’ve been bumping the facing r/l thread for years aodhsobskagsiv! BRB going to go code 80,000 party scenes in twenty minutes—


Thank you so much!

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I’m honestly shocked and impressed with all of the updates and effort on optimizing the portal. Thanks for listening, episode team. We appreciate it.


I’ve noticed that the “GEMS” code doesn’t pop up anymore whenever I write in gem choices. Was this removed?

Oh, YES!
Thank you, Episode for listening to us! The community is really getting better. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


Up until today I had the zone scrolling feature as well as the focus within zone feature. All of a sudden, an hour ago the zone scrolling feature is gone and there’s only one focus button that doesn’t let you zone scroll. I’ve got the new features on my laptop but not when I edit on my mobile. My app is updated, does anyone know how to fix this?

Seriously this is the best! :grin:

was this removed? i can’t find it anymore