Writer/Proof-Reader for hire

Hey there, I’m currently offering services for proof-reading and writing. For the moment I intend on working for anyone interested for free, to build myself a portfolio. I don’t have any stories of my own currently published but am articulate and an experienced writing outside of that. I can also offer an intermediate level of coding, I would be happy to demonstrate this for anyone curious. Thanks!


Hi there! I’m not sure what your timeline is, but I am working on revamping one of my stories and I have decided to create bonus scenes for each episode. I was thinking of creating a “new story” and having someone proof read for errors and bugs if you would be interested in something like that? I started coding a few days ago and my goal was to have all of the bonus scenes complete by mid April. If you’re interested let me know! My Instagram is @JessWrites97 if you would prefer to connect there.

Also, if you’re in need of proof reading too in exchange or want some digital art I wouldn’t mind trading that way! (I’m just broke lol)

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Hi there,
I would like a pov creator pm me interested